about the kundalini yoga club

About the Kundalini Yoga Club

Behind the scenes, a lot is happening, with the help of many people...

We're on a mission 

In a world where people know who they are, are in balance with their earthly and spiritual being, people experience the true meaning of freedom. And living together is much easier that way.

But how do you get to that point? We make people like you familiar with their own wisdom and sensitivity so that you experience the balance between earthly success and spiritual enlightenment. On our online platform we offer and stimulate the discipline of a daily yoga practice. Helping you to break through blockages and patterns and become more self-aware

The teachers/guest teachers/experts on the platform are all approved by the Gian Institute. 

Meet the team

Guru Gian/Jasper Kok

Founder of the Kundalini Yoga Club 

Lisette Stam

Jasper's right hand

Sandesh / Hai Vo 

Partner in crime of our affiliates

Inge Crauwels

Jasper's left hand

What we have to offer 

online challenges 
online programs 

What others say about us

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I learned to strengthen my own power

The Green Diet Program has changed my life forever. I cannot express in words my gratitude. The powerful effects of green are integrating deeply into all my cells. I feel light, alive, sexy and grounded in my body. I experienced the guidance of this detox as excellent. I myself have a background in emotion eating and overeating, but I felt that this detox was accessible to me and I would learn a lot from it. This feeling was completely correct!!! Thank you so much Vir & Jasper.

Joeke Hoeboer foto
Joeke - intuition coach & yoga teacher 
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Kundalini Yoga does what no therapist can do
No psychologist, hypnotherapist or doctor can do what Kundalini Yoga Coaching can do for you (I speak from experience). It awakens you on all levels: your body, your mind, your energy and your spirituality. Guru Gian teaches with deep respect, tremendous knowledge and from his heart. He uses all the techniques necessary to change your perception about your life and your situation.
Barbara foto kundalini yoga club
Barbara - PR agency owner
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I got to know my inner strength

I didn't know how great my inner strength was until I met Bibian and was introduced to the power of your own body and mind, by exposing it to extreme conditions; in this case cold water combined with breathing techniques.

I have a catering business and if I hadn't started this I don't know if I would have survived mentally at this time.

I can now say that because of training with Bibian I can really handle anything. Keep it coming!

I have never felt so good.

And I am incredibly grateful to her.

foto christel kundalini yoga club
Christel - entrepreneur 
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