365 Days of Kundalini Yoga Mastery

1 year of deeply immersing into Kundalini Yoga with Guru Gian (Jasper Kok) in this online Annual Program

Start: January 11, 2024


Sat Naam dear Yogi,

As a Kundalini Yoga practitioner, you've likely felt it before. It's quite special... Yet, I dare say you haven't even tapped into 10% of the full potential of Kundalini Yoga. With this program, I invite you to explore the complete potential of Kundalini Yoga.

And just imagine...

What would it mean for you to immerse yourself in Kundalini Yoga for an entire year?

Finally establishing a stable practice or deepening your existing one?

How would it feel to live a year aligned with the months based on your 10 energetic light bodies?

What would that grant you? How would it affect your energetic field? Your choices? Your future?

I invite you to a very special year-long program: 365 Days of Kundalini Yoga Mastery.

Throughout this annual program, I will guide you through a journey of your soul, hand in hand, exploring the ten light bodies of consciousness.

At a profound level, you'll discover who you are, safeguarding your unique expression for growth, learning how to manifest your soul more profoundly from an inner knowing. You'll embrace sharing your strength with others, crafting your own reality, uplifting yourself and those around you fearlessly, with confidence, tranquility, undeterred by anything or anyone, deeply connected to your core, your Spirit.

This is the life awaiting you when you learn to live from your soul, your original authentic Self.

In this program, you'll get to know yourself not as one-dimensional but as multidimensional. You are indeed 10 bodies in 1!

You'll acquaint yourself with all 10 of your energetic bodies—their qualities, where they are balanced or unbalanced, and how they express their mastery. Most importantly, you'll learn to balance your own 10 bodies through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, reflection, and lifestyle changes.

It's a journey we embark on together. At times, it will feel delightful; at times, you might feel challenged. Yet, with the strength of a teacher, the electromagnetic field of the group, and the blessings of the teachings, we'll overcome every hurdle. Sometimes through discipline, other times through surrender, and occasionally through grace. Nothing is fixed, and anything is possible.

Take your time reading through the program below. If you feel a resounding YES within, trust that inner voice. That's where the journey begins.

This year-long program is open to everyone. You can participate at your own level and draw from it what you need.

I eagerly anticipate delving into Kundalini Yoga with you for a year.

Sat Naam,

Guru Gian (Jasper Kok)

"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you."
Yogi Bhajan, founder of Kundalini Yoga in the West

What will you learn in the online Annual program?

  • You'll gain insight into your unique numerology through Kundalini Yoga, understanding who you are, what you're learning, your gifts, your purpose, and where you find ultimate fulfillment.
  • The core of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, the ten energetic bodies linked to the months, provides a complete experience of your Total Being.
  • 10 unique questions to help balance and fully integrate these 10 light bodies.
  • Methods to achieve and maintain overall balance within yourself.
  • Ways to manifest your own unique soul expression more in your daily life.
  • The best approach to integrating daily Kundalini Yoga into your life.
  • Top tips and tricks for waking up early and enjoying your morning practice.
  • Special kriyas and meditations to help balance each individual light body.
  • Recognizing, honoring, and releasing your own resistances.
  • Less thinking and more feeling.
  • Trusting in the Universe.
  • Taking steps you never thought you could.
  • And much, much more...


"Deepening my daily yoga practice; that's what I was seeking when I signed up for my first program with Guru Gian. I immediately began the Kundalini yoga teacher training. Discovering my soul's longing along with later enrolling in the coaching program was a complete surprise and incredibly special.

However, the depth in my daily yoga practice

I only found this year in the 365 Days Mastery program. The personal and spiritual growth I've undergone here is unique. In fact, I plan to do it again next year. Each month delving into a different energetic body with its corresponding kriyas, meditations, and teachings from Guru Gian/Jasper truly impact you. It provides focus, stability, and inspiration. The group dynamic contributes significantly.

I highly recommend it to anyone practicing Kundalini yoga and seeking depth, regardless of your level of experience."

"Let us not be like mummies, all wrapped up—ancient, ancient, ancient souls, wrapped up with the cloth of thoughts and the wax of ego. You are destined to become masters, and you are master of your good luck, your best self and your radiant body."
Yogi Bhajan

Why this Annual program?

We're living in a time where human spirit and values are under threat. Technological advancements are distancing us further from our souls, leading to a loss of deep unity and connectedness.

Life on this planet at this moment is so challenging that most of us are in survival mode. Our nervous system and hormonal balance can't withstand the pressure of these times. We become 'oversensitive' and struggle to cope. This may result in withdrawal or being stuck in unhappy relationships, jobs, and mindsets. Consequently, our energy stagnates, and we lose touch with our soul.

And that's regrettable!

Because never before has it been easier to thrive!

All the knowledge and wisdom from various traditions and success principles are available to everyone NOW.

All we need to do is elevate our frequency, our energy, so we can recognize and heal our traumas, patterns, and blockages.

As our energetic field strengthens, we find the inner strength to make real changes in our lives and begin to flourish.

This program follows a highly systematic approach. You'll journey through all your energetic light bodies. You'll learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses, using kriyas and meditations to rectify these imbalances. Additionally, you'll acquire practical exercises to integrate your qualities more into your life.

This will enable your Kundalini energy to flow more freely, granting you access to more potential.

With this added energy, willpower, intuition, and other qualities, you'll have the opportunity not just to SURVIVE in these times but to truly FLOURISH.

To authentically live your life, to have the relationships you deserve, the energy level you desire, the charisma, the inner knowing.

You'll discover a dimension within you where magic is possible. Where you meet soulmates. Where you find the strength to overcome all your challenges.

Believe me, life won't suddenly become easy. But how amazing is it to discover your inner capabilities that allow you to face all your challenges and fulfill all your desires?

In this annual program, I've condensed the best of what I've learned in the last 20 years on my spiritual path.

I've greatly benefited from what my teachers taught me, and I look forward to sharing my wisdom, insights, and the best yoga and meditation practices with you.

So that we all can be enlightened within ourselves and realize our true selves while simultaneously creating the success we're here for on Earth.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you for a year.

Sat Naam,

Guru Gian / Jasper Kok"

What are the themes of the year?

January. Number 1. Ek. The Soul

How can you best use January's energy to set intentions and plant seeds. How to tap into your fundamental oneness with Creation. You will learn kriyas to activate the soul and meditations to empower your projection and intentions. You will learn how yogis use soul energy to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

February. Number 2. Ong. The Negative Mind

How to use the energy of February to protect your intention. You will learn techniques to create space in your life. Where usually you may still experience winter depression in February we learn to use the energy to empower our intentions and harness our desires for the expression of our soul.

March. Number 3. Cart. The Positive Mind

How to train the positive mind so you can use it productively and not have it sit in its "default mode" of endlessly repeating our unconscious patterns. You learn to do really new things in this month. You learn in this month to transform shadow pieces of victimhood into new patterns of expression, manifestation and success. You also learn one of the most powerful mantras to support this process. March is going to be fun!

April. Number 4. Sat Nam. The Neutral Mind

In April, we are creating even more space. Space for your own individual being. You will learn "productive waiting." You will learn powerful yogic techniques to open the heart chakra. You will learn the art of balancing having an action plan with staying in touch with yourself. We work with the energy of Guru Ram Das for deep healing.

May. Number 5. Karta Purkh. The Physical Body

May's energy becomes more active. How can you keep in touch with your inner silence and still be active in the world? How can you honor your physical body as Temple of Spirit. You will learn how to use your physical body for spiritual transformation. You are going to learn the most important function of the physical body (and it is absolutely not what you think!) May is also the best time to do challenging kriyas.

June. Number 6. Nirbhau. The Arcline

June is the month to face and overcome our fears that keep us from being completely ourselves. We do meditations and kriyas for this. You will learn all kinds of ways to strengthen your intuition. You will learn yogic techniques to increase your lung capacity. We delve into "Miri-Piri" the balance between the material world and the spiritual world.
Yogi Bhajan - Kundalini Yoga Meester

And in the second half of the year...

July. Number 7. Nirvair. The Aura/ Electro-Magnetic Field.

Starting with number 6, we have arrived at the spiritual themes. July is about forgiveness. How to forgive yourself while making sure not to engage in "spiritual bypassing." In July, you come to terms with yourself. But how do you do that? We will learn various techniques including meditations for a transparent aura. Since most of the year is behind us, we will also look back.

August. Number 8. Akaal Moorat. The prana body

The prana body is the link between our finite existence and Infinity. In August, we are in our greatest power. There is energy. But how do we use our energy in a conscious way? We will learn how to fulfill needs. But above all we will reflect on our energy level. You will get the support of the best pranayamas.

September. Number 9. Ajoonee. The subtle body

The 9 is beyond the infinity of the 8. How can we allow the other dimension to cooperate and participate in our earthly existence? You learn to let life come to you. You will get exercises in developing your subtle perceptive abilities.

October. Number 10, Saibhang. The Radiant Body

In October, the season changes. It is a month of transition. How can we best utilize this energy. In this month we learn to fully rely on our "light-body." How to transform yourself into a self-illuminating being. You learn how to make the energy of the impossible possible. You will learn 1 of the most important properties of the 10th body here that will ensure you never get stuck again.

November. Number 11, Gur Prasad. The Infinity

The year is coming to a close. How to see and experience your own existence from your non-existence. We dive into non-duality. What is the role of non-duality in Kundalini Yoga. How do you make sure you stay out of the suffering of duality? You get to know what has been with you all your life. You get to know the source of Light. How to return to the simplicity of life.

December. Number 12, Jap. Reflect and Meditate on your year

December is our karmic harvest month. What have we learned? How to use my better and more intimate knowledge of myself for my next journey. How can I continue to grow without losing connection with myself. We delve into the yogic wisdom of "jappa." We learn to meditate without meditating....

What do you get in the Annual program?

12 times an online Masterclass

Every month (12 times in total) a new online Masterclass of about 3 hours explaining the monthly theme, introducing a new light body, giving you specific reflection exercises and doing specific kriyas and meditations. Will come online in the first week of the month.

12 times a unique Kundalini Yoga light body Challenge

Each month (12 times total) an 11, 22 or 40-day Kundalini Yoga challenge specific to the light body we are working on that month.

24 times of group coaching

Twice a month (so 24 times in total) group coaching of 1.5 hours in which we deepen the theme and individual breakthroughs and blockages can be discussed. Once in the morning and once in the evening so that everyone can be there at least once. The sessions are always recorded and you can watch them back if you cannot be there.

Tuesday mornings from 09.00 to 10.30: 16/1, 13/2, 12/3, 2/4, 14/5, 11/6, 2/7, 13/8, 10/9, 8/10, 5/11, 10/12.

Tuesday evenings from 19.30 to 21.00: 30/1, 20/2, 19/3, 16/4, 28/5,  18/6, 16/7, 20/8, 17/9, 29/10, 19/11, 23/12 (Wednesday)

Private Group

Private group where you can ask questions, keep each other updated, and share inspiration and experiences
"This Numerology is the future of all counseling. It is the oldest system known to humanity, the most sacred and the most accurate. You can learn to change people’s destiny.”
Yogi Bhajan

Bonus 1: a 60-minute personal numerology consultation with Guru Gian (Jasper)

worth €150

The basis of this annual program is based on the ten light bodies from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Guru Gian gives you a personal reading of your specific numbers. This reading gives you great insight into who you are, what your karma is, what you may share with the world, what you have to do and what gives you ultimate fulfillment. 

You will receive a personal plan to take home with yoga and meditation and lifestyle advice.

Bonus 2: free access to Introductory Training Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

worth €97

The Introduction Training Kundalini Yoga & Meditation by Guru Gian teaches you all about the basic techniques of Kundalini Yoga. Furthermore you will learn how to integrate the masculine & feminine energy . This is the most popular introduction training Kundalini Yoga of the Netherlands & Belgium.

Bonus 3: 40 day subtle meditation course. In this experimental new program you will learn to meditate together through your subtle body at a distance

worth €397

In the fall, you will really go into depth with Guru Gian & the Kundalini Yoga. You will learn to meditate using your subtle body. At a distance and without online contact, you will still feel that you can meditate together. This is the first time Guru Gian is offering this course.

Losing and finding my own path of myself again....

I recently saw a video of myself when I was in my 20s. It startled me. I was restless, tense, and clearly searching.

I had evidently lost myself. The studying and nightlife hadn't done me any favors.

I had no idea what I wanted from life, let alone what life wanted from me.

I suffered from various physical discomforts. My energy levels were extremely low, and the worst were my recurrent back issues since I was 11.

For years, I'd been reading books on spirituality, shamanism, Buddhism, and psychology.

Intellectually, I felt connected to them, but the meditative states I read about were elusive when I meditated in my attic room.

All of this changed when I encountered Kundalini Yoga.

Soon, I felt the energy flowing.

And the teachings of Yogi Bhajan resonated deep within me.

For the first time, I experienced true commitment.

Commitment to my higher self.

And that manifested in my daily commitment to my sadhana.

Every morning, with discipline and dedication, I performed the Aquarian Sadhana.

For 8 years, every morning at 4:10, I cycled through Amsterdam to Groenburgwal 9, where from 4:30 to 7:00, I did Japji, a Kundalini Yoga kriya, and an hour-long mantra meditation.

These years were incredibly formative for me.

I didn't just learn yoga from a book; it became my inner experience.

I didn't just read about God and Infinity. I EXPERIENCED God and Infinity.

I didn't just read about an Infinite Source of Love. I EXPERIENCED the Infinite Source of Love within myself.

I didn't just read about higher spiritual powers and gifts. I EXPERIENCED higher spiritual powers and gifts.

Everything I deeply felt within, I experienced.

Even after those 8 years of deep spiritual practice, I continued doing yoga and meditation every day.

It slowly integrated into my life. I began to find a better balance between my spiritual and earthly life.

I decided to share my experience with others.

I conducted trainings and retreats, created workshops and courses, taught yoga and meditation in the corporate world, and founded an online platform for spreading Kundalini Yoga.

Through this, I've been able to help many others heal themselves, step fully into their power, and create the health, happiness, awareness, and success they desire.

Certainly, there were many obstacles along my path. But every time I look back, I see that those were exactly what I needed to stay on my own path.

I wish this process for you too.

And I'm certain that this online year-long program will immensely assist you in this journey!

Because we all need the right guidance, encouragement, and challenges!

Here's to our collective growth and the beauty it creates in the world.

Sat Naam,

Guru Gian/ Jasper Kok

Meet our incredible teachers!

Guru Gian/ Jasper

Jasper has more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is Jasper's speciality but he is open to all forms of yoga and meditation. Jasper is very experienced in guiding people and teaching transformational trainings and retreats. Jasper is also the initiator and owner of the Kundalini Yoga Club and has written the book The Kundalini Yoga (R)Evolution. 

Jasper has coached thousands of people to a healthy, happy, conscious and successful life both in the business world as normal life. He has a big heart and supports many other teachers and coaches in their growth.

Sandesh Sighn/ Hai

Certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and coach after 15 years, Sandesh now serves as a Happiness Officer for IT scale-ups and one of the pillars behind the Kundalini Yoga Club, embracing his professional wins alongside his personal growth. 

He always wanted to help fellow human beings discover and develop their greatest value. His inspiration is his little daughter Eliana, for whom he so wants to live a conscious, responsible, creative and playful life.

What is the investment of this Annual Online Program?

Normal Price is €1997.

But now you can still join for the Introductory Price of €999


As this is the first International Edition of the immensely popular 365 Days Kundalini Yoga Mastery, you can bring a friend for free. After you have subscribed you can send us a message with the name and email of the other participant and we will add him/her to the course.

Doing it together is much more enjoyable and you might even split the cost ;-)

NOTE: this special offer is only for the International Edition and for a limited time.

What people are saying about this Annual Training

"A huge enrichment"
The 365 days of kundalini yoga mastery has been an enormous enrichment for me. Jasper knows how to tell about the 10 energetic light bodies like no other in a clear engaging way. The program has helped me feel even more commitment to kundalini yoga. The numerology has given me insight and confidence in myself and life. Even though it is an online program you feel the connection with the group. I am very sorry that the year has gone by so quickly.( Fortunately I keep access to all the information so I can always look again because it is so much that you cannot remember everything). Sat Nam!

"Everyone should do this training!"

When Guru Gian offered this training, I had just completed my Kundalini Yoga Teacher training. Although it was a comprehensive course, I still felt the need for more theory and background information on Kundalini Yoga and its history. As a novice Yogi, the abundance of information can be overwhelming, leaving you unsure where to start.

So, when this program came along, I didn't hesitate and immediately signed up. Through this program, each month focusing on a new light body, I was able to delve much deeper into the 10 energetic bodies and simultaneously experience them firsthand.

By dedicating each month to a specific body, engaging in challenges with kriyas and meditations, you truly begin to feel and internalize the teachings. Jasper's masterclasses were consistently engaging, well-explained, and structured.

Twice a month, there was online group coaching via Zoom, which complemented the masterclasses perfectly, helping us stay motivated and share experiences.

'365 Days Kundalini Mastery' has been and continues to be a huge inspiration for my classes, allowing me to immediately apply what I've learned in practice. These masterclasses provided me with a deeper insight into the origins of Kundalini Yoga and its tradition, preparing me well for a journey to India to visit these historical places, with a much clearer understanding of their significance.

Anyone interested in Kundalini Yoga should ideally take this course. It offers a better connection with its history and a deeper comprehension of the 10 bodies. I'd love to do it again myself, if only to relive the experience and stay connected with those wonderful like-minded individuals.

Last week, towards the end of July (the Aura body), a lot of emotion—pent-up frustration and irritation—was released. Now, with the Prana Body, I clearly feel changes in the flow. Especially the prolonged breathing sessions, fire breathing, arm work, and dog breathing... amazing. Yes, all that pent-up frustration deeply settled within me is dissolving. I believe this entire Prana kriya, meditation is doing me a world of good. Once again, thank you, Jasper. Kundalini yoga is truly incredibly healing for me, both physically and emotionally. I am grateful for its presence in my life, even though it means I have to navigate through many layers and face challenging situations to confront my blockages and create space. Wahe Guru 🙏❤️


Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: I can't participate in everything, is that bad?

    A: No, this program is set up so that you can do it at your own pace. Everything is recorded and you are going to do a lot of yoga and meditation in particular.

    • Q: Will I still have access to all the information and videos after this year?

    A: Yes, you keep access to the online environment as usual after the year.

    • Q: I don't have much experience yet. Is this something for me?

    A: Yes you do. After this year you understand much better what Kundalini Yoga is about and its potential.

    • Q: I already have a lot of experience. Is this still interesting for me?

    A: Yes! I have been studying the ten energetic light bodies for 15 years and I still learn every year. Your experience deepens.

    • Q: Can I also pay in installments?

    A: Yes you can also pay per month. Note: You sign up for an entire year. You cannot stop halfway through. Then the payment obligation remains.