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About the Kundalini Yoga Club

In a world where people know who they are, and are in balance with their earthly and spiritual being, then people experience the true meaning of freedom and it is nice living together for everyone. But how do you get to that point? We familiarize people like you with their own inner wisdom and sensitivity, so that you experience the balance between earthly success and spiritual enlightenment. On our online platform we offer and stimulate the discipline of a daily yoga practice through which you can work yourself to break through blockages and patterns and come to self-awareness.

(The teachers on the platform are all approved by the Guru Gian Institute). 

Our Mission

The mission of this platform is to share Kundalini Yoga in a way that is affordable, non dogmatic and easily accessible for all.

We fulfill this mission by offering FREE 7 or 11 day Kundalini Yoga & Meditation challenges.

In this way we want to follow in the footsteps of Guru Nanak who travelled by foot into many continents to share his message of Oneness.

We also want to serve all the continents but instead of going by foot we use the internet and social media to reach people who would normally not come so easily in contact with these Yogic Teachings.

And we hope you become the Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers of our Community.

What does the Kundalini Yoga Club have to offer?

UPCOMING TRAINING - Kundalini Yoga Coaching

(Starting date - June,19  2024)

How to become the Best Version of Yourself & a Wildly Successful Kundalini Yoga Coach with Well-paying Happy Clients

Kundalini Yoga Green Retreat in Austria starts 20 of April 2023

UPCOMING RETREAT - Kundalini GREEN Retreat in Austria:  
Detox & Rejuvenation  

(April, 24 - April, 30 2025)

Cleanse and rejuvenate yourself completely in 7 days of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the ancient yogic cleansing Green Diet (no hunger!)

Red Tantra: Sexual energy and connection


Unlocking Tantra: Benefits and Applications

Embracing tantra can significantly enhance your intimacy and relationships, bringing a depth of connection that transcends the physical.

And also...

Kundalini Yoga Challenges

FREE 3-day Tantra Challenge

(Start: October 23, 2024 

To live more fully, connect more deeply with your body and love yourself more

Detox Challenge

Feel more energetic, happy and positive through this mental, physical and spiritual detox

Flexible Back Challenge

Increase your spine flexibility, regain back health and experience the power of a calm mind

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