Kundalini Yoga: Balancing Safety and stress reduction
28 februari 2023 

Kundalini Yoga: Balancing Safety and stress reduction

Kundalini Yoga for Working Women: Balancing Safety and Reducing Stress

Working for over 14 years in the western market of Europe,  I can certainly relate to the soul-crushing feeling of burnout.The countless mental, physical, and emotional obstacles I faced in the workplace left me feeling drained, and I was desperate for a way to heal. While searching for a solution that could help with balancing these sides, I stumbled upon the practice of Kundalini yoga - the switch -  that made the energy in my life flow again. 

When I first heard of Kundalini yoga, I found myself feeling skeptical about its safety. I could not shake off the stories of ‘bad awakenings’ that I heard from friends, and to make matter worse, my online research only added to my concerns with numerous articles discussing the potential risks. However, my curiosity and desire to explore this form of yoga persisted, and I ultimately decided to tell my own story of Kundalini yoga. 

It was for precisely this reason that I decided to become a member of the Kundalini Yoga Club in the Netherlands, an exceptional initiative founded by Guru Gian.Under their expert guidance, I was able to approach Kundalini yoga in a safe and mindful way, while still being able to fully experience its numerous benefits. Even after my very first class, I could already feel the positive impact it had on my overall well-being, leaving me feeling much more relaxed and invigorated.

If you are feeling intrigued by Kundalini yoga, but still have some reservations,   I warmly welcome you to join me on this transformative journey. Kundalini yoga has a unique ability to guide you beyond the noise and chaos of everyday life, allowing you to delve deeper into yourself and experience true freedom, peace, clarity, and stillness. By clearing the obstacles and elevating your energetic vibration, Kundalini brings your mind and body into equilibrium, feeling more alert, cognizant, and receptive to new opportunities. This practice enables you to access a more profound state of being that transcends the trivialities of daily life and helps you connect with your inner self.

Origin & Why Kundalini Yoga is popular even today?

Although Kundalini yoga has been practiced for centuries, it continues to captivate and inspire people around the world today. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to a holistic approach to health and well-being, which incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. 

Kundalini yoga has its roots in ancient Hinduism and has been passed down through generations of spiritual masters. The practice was originally taught only to a select few and was kept secret for many centuries. It wasn't until the late 19th century that Kundalini yoga began to be taught more widely, and it has since become a popular form of yoga around the world. 

Kundalini Yoga has grown in popularity in recent years, and has become more accessible to a broader range of people due to its flexibility and adaptability to diverse ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Additionally, many individuals find that practicing Kundalini yoga fosters a deeper connection with their inner selves and imparts a sense of purpose and significance to their lives. This practice also encourages self-discovery and personal growth, enabling individuals to unleash their full potential and live a more fulfilling existence.

However, the teachings of Kundalini yoga continue to be approached with reverence and respect, and practitioners are encouraged to cultivate an open mind, a humble heart, and a commitment to their own growth and development.Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the practice, the profound teachings of Kundalini Yoga can offer an enriching and transformative experience.

About breathing, mantras, kriyas, and mudras

Sometimes it can be challenging to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual wellness, but being committed to the journey is still an important step to be taken. As a working mother of two, I found myself constantly juggling the demands of work and family life, and I often felt like I was falling short in both areas. I would come home after a long day feeling exhausted and disconnected from my loved ones, and I struggled to find the motivation to exercise or take care of myself in other ways.

Discovering Kundalini yoga was truly transformational to me. What I started to learn and appreciate about Kundalini yoga is that it encompasses four different key aspects, each of which offers unique benefits that can help you unlock your full potential. From tantra Kundalini Yoga to meditation Kundalini Yoga, mantra Kundalini Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga poses, you have the chance to discover your own way of living from the heart. Through dedicated practice, I have discovered the profound impact that Kundalini Yoga can play in my life, and I believe that it can do the same for you.

Tantra kundalini yoga combines physical and spiritual practices, using breath control, meditation, and mantra repetition to awaken the kundalini energy. Movement, sound and breathing contribute to the meditative experience.  For example, the "Kriya for Elevating the Spirit" and "Kriya for Detoxifying the Body" are two tantric kundalini yoga practices.

Meditation kundalini yoga focuses on breathing techniques and visualization to calm the mind and bring a deeper state of awareness. This aspect of kundalini yoga is focused on quieting the mind and connecting with the inner self. For example, "Meditation for Inner Peace" and "Meditation for Manifestation" are two meditation kundalini yoga practices.

mantra chanting

Mantra kundalini yoga involves repeating a sacred sound or word to help bring about a spiritual connection.This aspect of kundalini yoga uses sound vibration to heal and bring balance to the body and mind. For example, "Sat Nam Wahe Guru" and "Adi Mantra" are two mantra kundalini yoga practices.

Kundalini yoga poses, also known as kriyas, use specific physical postures, breath control, and focused gaze to awaken the kundalini energy and improve physical, mental, and emotional health. This aspect of kundalini yoga uses physical movements to release stagnant ene 0rgy and activate the flow of kundalini energy. For example, "Camel Pose" and "Cat-Cow Stretch" are two kundalini yoga poses.

Associated risks ;

Kundalini yoga practice bears some risks with it. By being mindful of the potential dangers and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself, you can fully embrace the transformative power of Kundalini yoga and cultivate a safe and fulfilling practice. Because we are all about leading change in our own life in a responsible and durable manner!

a. Psychological distress: Some individuals may experience psychological distress, such as anxiety and depression, as a result of the awakening of the dormant energy within the body. However, it's important to remember that this is a natural part of the process, and with the guidance of a qualified teacher and proper self-care, these feelings can be managed and overcome.

b. Physical discomfort: Kundalini yoga can also result in physical discomfort, such as headaches and body aches, as the body adjusts to the increased energy flow. Some people may experience physical side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, or fatigue, due to the release of energy in the body. However, with proper preparation and posture, the practice can be a safe and enjoyable experience.

c. Spiritual confusion: The awakening of the dormant energy within the body can result in spiritual confusion, as individuals struggle to understand their newfound spiritual experiences. Kundalini awakening can sometimes lead to spiritual emergencies, where one may experience intense feelings and sensations that can be overwhelming. However, with patience, self-reflection, and the guidance of a qualified teacher, individuals can come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of their spiritual journey. Don’t forget, this is your journey, self-care matters. Take the time to be with yourself and understand the depths of your soul. 

d. Negative effects on relationships: The awakening of the dormant energy within the body can also result in negative effects on relationships, as individuals may struggle to connect with others on a deeper level. It is important to be compassionate and understanding of yourself just as much as you are of others. This way, you can maintain healthy relationships with those around you, while still allowing others to explore their spiritual path. 

e. Emotional and mental distress: Kundalini awakening can also lead to emotional and mental distress, such as anxiety or depression. Again, it's crucial to remember that this is a natural part of the process and can be managed with the help of a qualified teacher and proper self-care and nourishing. By staying mindful and taking care of your mental and emotional health, it is the only way you can see yourself grow and glow in this beautiful process. 

Precautions for People with Medical Conditions

If you have any medical conditions, it's important to consult with a doctor before starting any new physical activity, including kundalini yoga. Your doctor may have specific recommendations based on your health history. Additionally, be sure to inform your teacher of any medical conditions you have so they can modify the practice as needed. When starting kundalini yoga during stressful moments or life-changing experiences, take extra care of yourself and make your teacher aware of any serious health concerns, both physical and psychological. Remember, your well-being should always be a top priority. It is part of your self-care journey!

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

I know that it can be challenging to commit to a new practice, but if you are looking for a way to manage chronic stress and bring more balance into your life, Kundalini yoga is the tool that can get you exactly that. Despite any doubts or fears you may have, the benefits of this practice far outweigh any potential risks. 

  1. Stress relief: Kundalini Yoga incorporates various breathing techniques, physical movements, and meditations that can help you manage stress and reduce anxiety. As someone who has been through the stress of the corporate world, I understand how it can take a toll on both physical and mental well-being.
  2. Increased energy and vitality: The practice of Kundalini yoga involves moving energy through the body and increasing the flow of prana or life force energy, leading to improved energy levels. It is important to point out that Kundalini Yoga can help regulate the sleep-wake cycle, making it easier to get a good night's rest.This, in return, leads to increased energy and productivity during the day.
  3. Improved Mental Health: Kundalini yoga practices can help improve mental health, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and promoting overall well-being.
  4. Better physical health: Kundalini Yoga can improve overall physical health and wellbeing, including reducing pain and stiffness, increasing flexibility and strength, and promoting cardiovascular health. It incorporates a wide range of physical movements and poses, leading to improved overall physical health and reduced risk of injury and illness.
  5. Better emotional wellbeing: Kundalini Yoga can help reduce negative emotions such as anger, depression, and anxiety, and promote feelings of calm and inner peace.It helps to release blocked emotions and create greater emotional stability and resilience. You will improve your relationships and overall wellbeing!
  6. Improved spiritual connection: Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual practice that connects you with your inner self. You slowly start developing a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life. You do this through Kundalini yoga's calming and meditative practices that promote inner peace and foster a constantly connected inner place. Moreover, you expand your self-awareness and self-exploration and better grasp your own thoughts, feelings and motivations. .
  7. Increased creativity: If you are an artist, or just want to add that spark to your life, kundalini Yoga can enhance your creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills, helping you to better navigate the challenges of life. Lastly, Kundalini yoga's dynamic and energizing movements, combined with deep breathing, can help to boost the immune system and prevent illness.
  8. Balancing the chakras: Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool for working with the body's energy centers, and each practice is designed to target specific chakras and bring them into balance. When our chakras are balanced, we feel more centered, grounded, and connected to our true selves. This balance can help us to navigate life's challenges with more ease and grace, and to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner peace.
  9. Strengthening the Nervous System: Kundalini yoga's focus on deep breathing and meditative practices helps to strengthen the nervous system, reducing the effects of chronic stress and promoting overall health.

Whether you're on a journey to heal from burnout or to feel more present in your life, or just to get in touch with your soul, I understand how challenging it can be. Kundalini Yoga has been a valuable tool for me, offering so much more than just physical benefits. Through this practice, I have felt a deep sense of emotional stability and mental clarity. I found myself turning into this confident and empowered woman as I continued my Kundalini yoga journey while also being able to support those around me, be present and show up for myself and for my friends.


I have been able to work through feelings of anxiety and stress, connect with my body in a deeper way and develop a sense of grounding. It has been a long time since I felt this easiness and energy transmuted into my work and my personal life. 

If you're looking for support and a way to bring balance and peace to your life, Kundalini Yoga might be just what you need.If you are not sure, tune in with your body. Think about what your body is telling you. Are you feeling stressed and overworked? Do you have physical aches and pains? Kundalini yoga can help address these issues, but it's important to listen to your body and take a cautious approach to ensure that you're able to fully enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Preparing for Kundalini yoga

Proper preparation for Kundalini yoga is a crucial step in ensuring your safe, positive, and transformative experience. It's important to find a teacher who is qualified and trusted, to start slowly with basic poses and breathing exercises, and to respect your body's limits. 

Think about what your body is telling you. Are you feeling stressed and overworked? Do you have physical aches and pains? Kundalini yoga can help address these issues, but it's important to listen to your body and take a cautious approach to ensure that you're able to fully enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Approaching the practice with an open mind, and embracing any unexpected physical or emotional sensations with patience and curiosity, can help you navigate the sometimes-challenging terrain of Kundalini yoga. 

Think of your kundalini yoga practice as a garden. Just as a garden requires care and attention to thrive, your kundalini yoga practice requires proper technique, self-awareness, and a qualified teacher to help you reach your full potential. With the right tools and support, you can cultivate a beautiful and vibrant kundalini yoga practice.

Think about what you're hoping to achieve from your kundalini yoga practice. Are you looking to reduce stress? Improve your physical health? Boost your energy levels? Having a clear goal in mind can help guide your practice and ensure that you get the most out of it.

comfortable space

Remember .to create a comfortable and peaceful space for your practice, and to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally, is key to achieving the full benefits of Kundalini yoga. Listen to your body, take breaks when you need them, and prioritize rest and relaxation. By taking the time to properly prepare and care for yourself, you can experience the profound benefits of Kundalini yoga, including greater physical vitality, emotional balance, and inner peace.


One tip: start slow

If you're new to kundalini yoga, it's important to start slow and gradually build up your practice. This helps to prevent injury and ensures that you're able to fully enjoy the benefits of the practice.

In my journey, I came across some great resources that helped me deepen my understanding and experience of Kundalini yoga, and I know they can do the same for you. These books truly brought the practice to life for me and offered invaluable insights and guidance own journey:

In addition to these incredible books, I highly recommend checking out some online resources to further enhance your practice.

I can't wait for you to explore these resources and see the incredible transformation that Kundalini yoga can bring to your life too. 

I hoped this helped you grasp the feeling of this practice. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool with many different benefits that can help individuals suffering from burnout to heal on an emotional, mental, and physical level. 

I found that Kundalini yoga has become an essential part of my self-care routine. It's a way for me to reconnect with my body and mind, and to stay grounded and centered amidst the chaos of daily life. One of the most transformative experiences I had with Kundalini yoga was during a kriya that focused on releasing fear and anxiety. As I moved through the poses and breathwork, I felt a sense of release and freedom that was truly powerful. It was as if all of the pent-up emotions and stress I had been carrying around were being cleared away, leaving me feeling lighter and more at peace. It has been too long that I have held these negative emotions buried deep inside me. We are usually very good at masking how we feel, fooling even ourselves. Growing through this experience, I unleashed a kind of inner love  and peace that I am able to release further towards my family and friends, and eventually towards myself. I am truly grateful to have discovered this practice.

Even if you're a skeptic, there’s no doubt it’s a solid distraction from your average everyday grind. As this year is unrevealing, consider starting a new experience with Kundalini Yoga and join the Kundalini Yoga Club in The Netherlands, or your own Kundalini yoga club from wherever you are, to embark on this warm journey. 

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