The best ways to practice tantric sex with a partner or solo
10 oktober 2023 

The best ways to practice tantric sex with a partner or solo

The best ways to practice tantric sex with a partner or solo

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" Some monotony in the intimate life is normal. After some time, you think you know each other’s desires, bodies and wishes that you may not be curious anymore, even about your own body. Speaking from personal experience, I learned that the practice of tantric sex can reignite that once dynamic spark "

What is Tantra?

This ancient ritual focuses on deep connection and mindfulness to revitalize the depth within your intimacy. In this article, we'll guide you through easy-to-follow steps to discover both partnered and solo tantric techniques designed to enrich your sexual experiences profoundly.

Practicing Tantric Sex with a Partner

Practicing Tantric Sex with a Partner

" In the practice of tantric sex with a partner, start by creating a sacred space that is both comfortable and conducive for intimacy. Connect deeply with your partner through eye gazing and synchronised breathing to foster an emotional bond "

As comfort grows, incorporate sensual touch and explore different positions at a relaxed pace, promoting a deeper understanding of each other's bodies and desires.

How Can I Practice Tantric Sex with my Partner?

Creating a sacred and comfortable space

Every good tantric sex session starts with making a calm space. We want to make this place warm and snug. Empty the space of any mess or things that may distract you. You can add soft pillows, clean sheets, or maybe scented candles for a sweet smell. Soft lighting will also help set the mood right.

For solo time, think about setting your area as if your dream star is coming over. This special spot will be where you and your partner build deeper trust and love—or just for yourself to explore self-love in sacred stillness.

The smell of fresh flowers or sweet oils fills the air with good vibes. This space becomes a special place for love and joy. The goal is to feel at ease and free from stress or worry - for both me and my partner if there's one with me.

Building connection through eye gazing & breath

First, sit with your partner in a cozy spot. Make sure you both feel good and safe there. Look into each other's eyes. Take deep breaths together for a few minutes. This helps build a strong bond between you two before starting tantric sex.

This eye gazing and shared breathing are key parts of tantra practice. Both help to bring your minds to the here and now, not thinking about anything else but this moment. It makes the bond stronger and allows you to feel closer to each other in spirit during tantric sex.

Incorporating sensual touch and exploring different positions

Part of tantric sex is touching in a way that makes you and your partner feel good. I have some tips to share about this.

  1. Start slow: Tantric sex is not a race. Take it one step at a time.
  2. Use different kinds of touch: A soft stroke can feel as good as a firm grip. Mix up your touches!
  3. Explore new spots: Our bodies are full of areas that love to be touched. Find them!
  4. Switch positions: Try out new ways to be together in bed.
  5. Yab-Yum Position: This is a common tantric position where the male sits cross-legged, and the female sits on his lap, facing him. It allows for close body contact, deep eye gazing, and synchronised breathing.
  6. Don't rush to the end: The key fact in tantric sex is feeling, not finishing.


Breath-work can be magical. Sync your breaths together if possible; it can be deep or shallow as per what feels right for both of you! Focus on the diaphragm. 

Take a deep breath through the nose for five counts and feel your stomach expand. Then exhale through the mouth for five counts.

Feel how the rhythm of shared breathing brings calmness and unity between the two of you, melting barriers away.

Another breathing method couples can explore is Kapalbhathi, known for its potential to extend the duration of male ejaculation. When a man sense the immanent feeling of ejaculation, he should initiate a forceful exhale through the mouth, followed by a natural inhalation through the mount. 

It is always interesting to experience the power of tantra in a Tantra retreat such as the one offered by The Kundalini Yoga Club. You can try it alone or with your partner, to feel the depths of Tantra facilitated by a Tantric coach.  

Practicing Tantric Solo Sex

Practicing Tantric Solo Sex

" This involves creating a serene environment conducive for relaxation, establishing deep connections with your own body through conscious breathing, experimenting with different self-pleasure techniques aimed at mindfulness and exploring your personal energy patterns and desires to achieve ultimate sexual fulfilment "

You can always begin by trying out an introductory Tantra course  or the Self-Love challenge offered by The Kundalini Yoga club. Having a facilitator guide you into this wonderful world can bring in a more meaningful experience. 

These 3 tantra exercises can improve sex with your partner

Creating a peaceful and relaxing environment

In tantric sex solo, your setting plays a big part. You must turn your space into a calm and quiet place. Your mind can focus better in such an area. Light some scented candles. Play soft music if you like it.

Make sure the room is warm enough for comfort but not too hot that might make you sweat a lot. Use soft blankets or mats to sit or lay on during this time of self-love.

Tantric sex isn't about rushing but about being fully present throughout. It is not about climax, but about the journey of getting to it… or not. 

Connecting with your body and breath

I close my eyes and start to breathe slow, deep breaths. I feel the air going in and out of my body. This is how I connect with myself during tantric sex solo. It helps me relax and get in touch with my feelings.

My mind becomes calm and still. I then move on to exploring my body's needs while focusing on the journey, not just the end goal of orgasm. This makes every movement a treat for all senses, raising energy levels within me slowly but steadily.

Paying close attention while breathing also plays a key role in tantric sex solo practice. Tantric Masters will tell you: "feel your own life force as you breathe." It is an easy way for anyone practicing tantric sex to connect their mind with their own body.

A calm breath brings more oxygen into your blood which helps keep energy levels high during self-pleasure time – just what we need for enjoying tantric masturbation!

Experimenting with self-pleasure techniques and mindful masturbation

I love to embrace self-pleasure. Tantra allows me to go deeper into my body and experience more than just a quick release.

  1. I always start by making sure I feel at ease. This can mean lighting candles, using scents I love or playing relaxing music.
  2. Shifting my mind away from reaching orgasm helps me focus more on the ride. The goal ceases to be about the end point.
  3. Next, I take deep breaths in sync with touching my body. This helps me connect with myself and become more aware of my senses.
  4. Using different self - love tactics brings fresh thrills into play. Sometimes, that might involve a new masturbatory trick or toy.
  5. Lastly, tantric masturbation is not only fun but also healthy for me. Going slow and taking time to explore every sensation makes it a joyful journey rather than a race.

Exploring your own energy and desires

Tantra urges us to learn about our own desires. It's all about slow, mindful touch. This practice brings a new vibe to solo play or sex with a partner. Knowing what turns you on is the first step in tantric sex.

You can lay down and relax your body. Start touching yourself slowly and gently. Spend time exploring every part of your body without rushing things up. You can also try some new ways to get turned on for fun! No need to aim for orgasm fast, enjoy the ride instead.

Every inch of skin can sense touch, cold or heat, soft or hard surfaces against it; so can the muscles underneath when they stretch or tighten up - all these things make up what's called 'body awareness.' As part of tantric solo sex practice, increased body awareness leads to better self-love.

Also remember that tantra isn't only sensual touches and sexy postures but includes loving yourself fully as well.


In conclusion, embracing the practice of tantric sex, whether with a partner or during solo exploration, can profoundly enrich your intimate experiences. Tantric sex involves exploring sensations in the moment and taking things slow.It offers a pathway to rediscover and reignite the spark that may have dimmed in your love life. You and your partner can feel closer. If you are alone, you will learn self-love. You can begin by taking a Tantra course online or participating in a Tantric retreat. Allow yourself to be immersed into this world of Tantra. 


1. What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a type of Tantra practice that promotes deep connection and self-love.

2. How can I try tantric sex with a partner?

To practice tantric sex with a partner, both partners should be open, respectful and focused on sharing pleasure and connection.

3. Can I do tantric sex if I am alone?

Yes, you can have tantric sex solo! It's about taking the time for self-love, connecting to your own body in new ways.

4. Are there any tips for practicing tantric sex?

For trying out Tantric practices, either solo or with a partner; patience, deep breathing exercises and creating relaxing environment will help enhance the overall experience.

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