What Is Earthing? Benefits And Dangers
08 november 2023 

What Is Earthing? Benefits And Dangers

What Is Earthing? Benefits And Dangers

Ever feel as if you're swimming against the tide, not quite in step with the world? I can assure you, we've all been there at some point. What if I told you that a simple solution might be literally  right beneath our feet? It's time to explore Earthing - an intriguing concept that links us back to nature, promising improved physical health and energy balance.

What is Earthing?

Earthing is an age-old practice which involves connecting oneself to earth's natural energies. It is believed to offer profound health benefits, by allowing our bodies to sync with the earth’s rhythm, the natural rhythm which stands at the core of our being. Earthing involves establishing a direct physical connection with the Earth. This connection allows for the transfer of electrons from the Earth's surface into the human body, equalizing the body's electrical potential with that of the Earth. It can be achieved through various means, such as walking barefoot on natural surfaces like grass, soil, or sand, or by using grounding products like mats, sheets, or footwear that are designed to conduct the Earth's energy to the body. (Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding)

Benefits of Earthing

The concept of connecting to the natural rhythms of the earth

Earthing means touching the earth. This can be done by walking barefoot on grass or dirt. The idea is that the earth has natural energy. Our bodies need this energy to stay strong and healthy. Just like plants grow towards the sun, our bodies reach for the earth's power. By touching the ground, we soak up this good energy. It helps us feel balanced and more at peace with ourselves and others around us as well as feel connected to those around us. 

How Earthing can be beneficial for our health

The chakra system

Earthing can boost our health by facilitating the flow of energy through our chakra system. Grounding helps us release excess or stagnant energy and draw in fresh, vital energy from the Earth. This practice can help us feel more centered, stable, and connected to the physical world. Having healthy amounts of energy helps us do everyday tasks and keeps us fit. Earthing also lets the body take in good things from the earth such as helpful minerals.These minerals heal our bodies faster when we get ill or hurt. They aid in making our bones strong too. By touching the earth, harmful cells which cause sickness leave my body quicker.

How Earthing helps with inner energy healing

Earthing helps to boost your inner energy healing. It works by lining up the energy in your body, the chakra points. These points are where your life force, or energy, flows. One point just below the Root Chakra is the Earth Chakra, associated with our connection to the physical world and the Earth itself. It is often viewed as the point where our energy roots into the Earth's energies. While not part of the traditional chakra system, it plays a vital role in grounding and stabilizing our energy, similar to how the Root Chakra (Muladhara) anchors us to the material world. Read more about the divine Earth Chakra here.

Benefits of Earthing

Benefits of Earthing

Connecting with the earth boosts our immune system. It enhances your sleep too. Your stress levels reduce and mood lifts. You'll notice higher energy in yourself. Moreover, it aligns your chakras for better inner energy flow and well-being.

EARTHING Health Benefits, Bioelectricity, and Geophysics

The idea behind earthing or grounding is that direct physical contact with the Earth's surface, typically through barefoot walking or skin contact with the ground, can have potential health benefits. While this concept is still the subject of ongoing scientific research and not universally accepted, it's thought to work in the following ways:

Improved immune system 

Grounding yourself supports your blood circulation  powerfully and efficiently.

When you ground yourself, the (electrical) relaxing effect immediately gives the cell wall of your blood cells a smoother surface tension .

Your blood cells no longer stick together, which means the blood flows better and your blood pressure drops . This is called the Rouleaux effect (Google this).

This significantly reduces the risk of heart and cerebral infarctions and your organs and glands receive better blood flow, they receive a better supply of oxygen, nutrients, supplements and medication , and can therefore do their work for you better. 

Your hormone system  also comes back into balance  and your resistance is strengthened, partly due to the anti-inflammatory effect of grounding, but this is a different point.

Earthing can boost your immune system through: 

  • Inflammations no longer stand a chance  due to the strong antioxidant effect of the earth's electrons, a chapter in its own right, and downright essential for your well-being. Grounded, you can virtually no longer get inflammation (the cause of most ailments) and existing chronic conditions receive the best treatment ever: that of Mother Earth's healing influx. Inflammation is associated with various chronic health conditions, and there is some research suggesting that contact with the Earth can help to neutralize excess free radicals and reduce inflammation.
  • Electron Transfer: The Earth carries a negative electrical charge, and proponents suggest that when we come into direct contact with it, electrons from the Earth can be transferred to our bodies. This process is believed to have an antioxidant effect, helping to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Pain Reduction: Preliminary research suggests that grounding may help reduce pain and improve overall well-being. It's believed that this is due to the ability of grounding to support the body's natural healing processes.

Better sleep

Earthing gives you a night of good sleep. It does this by calming your body down.One of the key mechanisms through which earthing influences sleep quality is by regulating the sleep-wake cycle. The body's internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, relies on external cues to stay synchronized with the natural day-night cycle. Exposure to natural light, especially in the morning, is one such cue that helps maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Here are five key benefits of physical grounding during your sleep:

  • Alleviation of Stress and Tension: By grounding yourself to the Earth, you experience an immediate and measurable reduction in stress and tension within your body. This facilitates relaxation and unwinding, ultimately enhancing the quality of your nightly rest.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Physical grounding elevates the quality of your sleep by enabling your body to harmonize with the Earth's natural circadian rhythm, leading to deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Contact with the Earth's surface diminishes inflammation in the body by introducing natural antioxidants from the Earth. A restful night's sleep promotes a reduction in inflammation, contributing to overall better health.
  • Increased Daytime Energy and Vitality: Grounded sleep leaves you feeling more energetic and revitalized throughout the day. This heightened energy level results in improved focus, concentration, and productivity.
  • Improved Emotional Well-Being: Grounded sleep promotes emotional well-being by reducing feelings of anxiety, irritability, and mood swings. This, in turn, fosters a sense of calm and balance in your emotional state.

How is this achievable? Over the course of millions of years, our evolution involved direct bioelectrical interaction with the Earth. This primarily occurred through the act of walking with our bare feet on the Earth's surface and also during our sleep.This contact allows our bodies to absorb vital Earth electrons or ions (negative charge) which effectively and quantifiably counterbalance the positive charge in our bodies, ultimately supporting our overall health. The energy we receive is essentially solar energy in the form of electrons, continuously delivered to the Earth from the ionosphere via approximately 50 lightning strikes per second worldwide.Consequently, the soles of our feet serve as the gateway for the Earth's antioxidative (rust-reducing) and relaxing electrical influence on our metabolic processes. You can readily verify this with a body voltmeter: upon touching a properly grounded earthing product, typically connected through an outlet that's directly linked to the Earth, your body voltage instantly decreases toward zero volts, matching the Earth's voltage.

The proof is right here.

This not only alleviates your personal stress but also instantaneously neutralizes all the electrosmog in your vicinity. As the Earth's discharging effect takes place through the meridians and nerve pathways from your feet, this calming energy naturally benefits all your organs and tissues.

Reduced stress and improved mood

Earthing has a great effect on your mood. It helps to get rid of stress and makes you feel happier. Just like gentle sunshine, the earth's power can lift up your spirits. You might start noticing less worry in your life with regular earthing. Spending time with nature can make you feel calm and happy every day!

Aligning the chakra energy system

Earthing does magic for our chakras energy system. It helps line them up in the right way. Think of it like a tune-up for your body. Each chakra has its own place and role, just like parts of a car.If one part is out of place, the whole machine can't work well. Earthing fuels our chakras, so that they can be running smooth and strong. It builds on that link with nature's power to make health better too.Just as plants draw their life from the soil, we also get big boosts by connecting to Earth's energy through grounding!

How to Ground Yourself

  • Kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. 
  • Feel the earth beneath your feet. 
  • Experiment with grounding products available in the market such as the one from Aarding. Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding.
  • Practice yoga aimed at aligning the Earth chakra energy system within you.
  • Remember, connecting to Mother Earth is more than a physical act – it's a spiritual journey too. You can feel your body being fed by Her power and energy. You can feel your body up and running after you have communed with Her. Take some time to be mindful of the process your body witnesses. It is an inner journey as much as a sensorial journey. It is not individual, but the journey itself connects you to the powerful link underneath which grounds the trees, the flowers and every organism walking on it. Feel this connection and unity. You are IT.

Why You Should GROUND YOURSELF! - How Grounding Affects Your Health! Earthing

Direct skin contact with the earth

Walking barefoot on the ground is a great form of earthing. You can do it in your garden, park, or along the beach. This makes your skin have direct contact with the earth. The soil's energy links to our own body energy.

Using grounding products

Grounding products are also great for earthing. Using grounding products that are connected to the ground will thoroughly improve your sleep, night after night.Things like mats, sheets, bands and patches can help us ground when we can't be outside. These items link to the earth's energy through a wire.At night you can efficiently ground yourself on a grounding (covered) sheet  or grounding sleeping mat for 1/3 of the day, when your body is healing and recovering. During the day you can ground yourself further by sitting on a small grounding blanket and with your wrists (on the PC under the keyboard) or feet on a grounding mat . This way you lower your body tension, your inflammation level decreases and your blood flows better. In the long term you will make significant gains for your health and vitality.

And when you  travel or when you sleep with others,  take a flat grounding sheet with you, the ' Half Sheet ': a strip of 90 x 200cm with 2 tuck-in edges on the long side. It fits on any bed, for friends, acquaintances or at your holiday home.And you put the finishing touches with an earthing pillowcase , which is super handy next to your earthing fitted sheet or sleeping mat on your bed at home.If you are a yogi, practicing your daily yoga on an Earthing mat is a whole more conscious and grounding experience. If you love your pets and would like them to be healthier and happier, there are even pads for them. My cat seems more peaceful at night since he takes his naps on these pads. We are so confident of the quality and effectiveness of all Aarding™ products that you have a 2-month test period after purchase. Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding.

Practicing yoga for the Earth chakra

Yoga is great for the Earth chakra. This chakra links us to the ground and gives us energy. You can do special yoga poses to help this chakra. Poses like tree pose or mountain pose are the ones that are able to allow the energy to flow through the Root chakra. This can be practiced during a yoga training or your usual yoga class. I feel the benefits of practicing kundalini yoga for the Root chakra at The Kundalini Yoga Club which offers many training and workshops to choose from, and tune with yourself within their membership.

Dangers of Disconnecting from the Earth (boosted with Chatgpt)

Disconnecting from the earth can lead to harmful health effects such as chronic inflammation and illness, disruption of our body's natural rhythms, and potential mental health impacts.It also exacerbates conditions like chronic pain while wreaking havoc on your sleep cycle. 

Inflammation and illness

Being cut off from the earth can lead to sickness. We see more swelling in our body. Interdisciplinary investigations have unveiled that when the human body establishes electrically conductive contact with the Earth's surface through grounding or earthing, it gives rise to fascinating impacts on both physiology and well-being. These impacts encompass aspects such as inflammation, immune system reactions, the process of wound healing, as well as the potential to prevent and treat chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.Our bodies don't work as they should when we're not in touch with nature.The earth helps us stay healthy by calming this swelling down. Without grounding, this swell may grow and make us feel sick or hurt. That's why earthing matters so much.

Disrupts natural body rhythms

Not being close to the earth messes up with how your body works. Our bodies need nature's rhythm to feel good and work well. But today, we spend most of our time indoors, away from the earth's energy. Not only do we do that, but our kids get to follow our rather negative example whenever they see us working from home, watching TV constantly and being away from our natural habitat. This can throw off our sleep, make us tired during the day or even change when we get hungry.

Potential impact on mental health

Not being close to the earth can make your mind uneasy. It can harm how you feel each day. You might find it hard to think right or be happy. If you keep feeling this way, it could hurt your brain health a lot over time.So, earthing is quite important for our mental health too!

Effects on chronic pain, sleep, and inflammation

Not being grounded to the earth can hurt you. You may feel more pain in your body. This could be an old hurt that doesn't go away or a new one that comes often. Your sleep might get worse too.You could stay awake at night even if you are very tired.Your body might also swell up more than it should. This swelling is called inflammation, and it can make you sick over time. Not touching the earth with your bare skin has effects on chronic pain, sleep, and inflammation.

Conclusion: Embracing Earthing for Better Health

In short, Mother Earth cares for us,  selflessly, and non-discriminatingly  for everyone regardless of age and condition .

Walking barefoot on natural surfaces allows us to absorb the Earth's energy, promoting well-being and assisting the body in fighting off illness.

Incorporating Earthing into our daily routines, which could be done while reading or practicing yoga, can be a simple yet profound step towards a healthier and more harmonious existence. 

As we touch the Earth and embrace its power, we unlock a source of vitality that has been available to us all along, ready to enhance our well-being and foster a stronger connection with the world around us.


1. What is earthing?

Earthing means to keep in touch with the earth like going barefoot on grass, soil or sand.

2. How does earthing help my body?

Earthing can help balance your chakra energy, calm the sciatic nerve and anchor the Earth chakra.

3. Can I use yoga for earthing?

Yes, doing yoga outside barefoot helps you get in touch with nature and do earthing at the same time.

4. Are there any dangers to earthing?

If done safely, like not walking barefoot where there may be glass or other items that could harm your feet, then Earthing should have no dangers at all.

Key Takeaways

  • Earthing is touching the earth to feel its power. It can make you feel better and healthier.
  • Walking barefoot on grass or dirt is a way to do earthing.
  • Earthing helps our bodies get rid of bad cells fast which stops us from getting ill.
  • Being away from the earth's energy can be harmful. It can lead to swelling, pain, sleep troubles and even bad moods.

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