Kundalini Yoga Detox Challenge
Start: Monday March 27th

Feel more energetic, happy and positive with this mental, physical and spiritual detox

Do you ever struggle with your motivation for yoga and meditation? In this you are not alone. When I started doing yoga and meditation 15 years ago, I struggled to do yoga and meditation every week.

One day my brother asked me to join a 2.5 hour morning practice of the Kundalini Yogis at 4:30 in the morning. The next morning, my alarm clock rang at 4:00 am. I snoozed my alarm clock and went back to sleep. This went on for several days. My alarm went off, but I continued to sleep. 

Until my brother challenged me to a 40-day Kundalini Yoga Challenge in Amsterdam. That next morning my alarm went off again, but I didn't snooze. I got up, grabbed a cold shower and biked across Amsterdam to the yoga studio. 

Those 40 days I kept up. And after that, I never stopped doing yoga and meditation daily. It has become my lifestyle. It helped me get rid of my chronic back pain.

It has freed me from my emotional armor. And it has transformed my thoughts into gratitude and service. It has awakened my Spirit. 

Now you can do this too. 

You don't have to ride your bike for it. You don't have to get up so early for it. And it doesn't have to be that long either. For 11 days I will guide you through your Ultimate Kundalini Yoga Challenge. Whether it's 5 minutes, 45 minutes or 2.5 hours. It's up to you. 

kundalini yoga

Why join this challenge?

You are more comfortable in your skin and feel better

because daily yoga and meditation is a proven technique for feeling better

You experience more energy

because you let go of all the unnecessary emotional baggage

You feel happier and more positive

allowing you to be more confident in life

You experience less anxiety

and worry less 

You feel lighter

because you cleanse not only physically, but mentally as well

How does the detox challenge work?

  • The Challenge is in the Kundalini Yoga Club (https://leden.kundaliniyogaclub.com). How to get to the Kundalini Yoga Club, you can read in the email you receive directly after registration.
  • There is a yoga set ready for you to get used to the energy. After registration you can immediately start practicing yoga.
  • From Monday, March 27th, the yoga set and meditation of this challenge will be available and the challenge will start. From then on you will do the kriya and meditation every day at your desired level (mild, good or strong).
  • So you do the same kriya for 11 days. You can do this at your pace and at your level. So even for beginners, this challenge is good to join. 
  • You may share your findings each day in the challenge board (Day 1, Day 2...etc.) and experience the support of the group.
  • The challenge will be supported through three live sessions (Sunday, 26th of March; Wednesday, 30th of March and Thursday, 6th of April from  20.30  to 21.30).
  • You will receive an email reminder each day.
  • You will also receive additional information about detoxing.
  • And as a bonus .... we'll raffle off fun prizes among the active participants in the community!

Yes, I would like to participate in the free yoga challenge!

What are others saying about this challenge?

"An amazing intensely deep experience of a physical, mental and spiritual adventure. Unbelievable how much this detox kriya has given me. I feel very grateful and fulfilled after doing this kriya."

"Yaaa, I completed the 11 days with the spirited kriya and feel light, happy and muscular. I feel enormously powerful now. Always so special after each detox, that my body clearly indicates what it is and is not happy with."
"Thank you for this challenge and the support from all of you to stick with it. My body is used to it now, no more resistance, also I am not tired anymore, energy is back thankfully. Have even lost some weight from just the yoga."

I also want to feel lighter, more energetic and more powerful!