SADHANA: 9 Principles of Sustainable Daily Practice

  • The ultimate guide to integrating daily yoga and meditation into your life.
  • The most complete guide on practicing yoga and meditation daily
  • The best reasons to do yoga and meditation
  • Exercises to overcome your resistances
  • More than 10 years of experience bundled in 1 book
  • Learn all about Kundalini Yoga
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What others said about the e-book

"Very finely and clearly written. Reads very enjoyable, concise and powerful. Spirituality in ordinary human language!"
"Super thanks for your beautiful book! As I printed it out, I almost read it out already so well and approachable it is written."
"Many thanks! For example, some tools are directly applicable in my current situation."

"I read your book in one breath. At the first bit of the first principle, you put into words what I also experienced. Wanting to move forward, but not knowing how. I had a lesson from you and that's how I found my sadhana."

I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 2004. Since 2007 I have been doing this every day both morning and evening. Because of the discipline and dedication to do this daily, at one point I developed yoga stress. Then I radically changed my relationship with yoga

Now I still do yoga and meditation daily, but with joy and in touch with myself. Yoga and meditation remains the best way to develop yourself toward greater authenticity, compassion and success.

In this book you will learn all the principles I discovered to do and sustain yoga and meditation daily in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Such as:

  • How and when to start your daily practiceWhat to do when faced with challenges
  • How to connect discipline and self-love
  • What to do to keep balance
  • How to stay committed to yourself

Quote from the e-book:

"If you want to change something essential about your life, 20% of it happens because you know how to do it, and 80% of it happens because you know why. PRINCIPLE 1 is therefore: Determine what is your deepest Wish, the Drive, the Reason why you want to do sadhana. What do you want to achieve with it? And then: throw your heart and soul into it! See and hear all the excuses that come to you, and all the limiting beliefs that impose themselves on your consciousness. Make the decision not to let those inhibiting thoughts define you."

In 9 simple steps, you will learn to do yoga and meditation daily full of love and joy

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