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11-Day Green Diet Program

Discover this ancient powerful yogic detox diet to become slim, light and spiritually bright.

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Start: March 27th, 2023

The Kundalini Yoga Green Diet Program

Do you want to ...

Make a fresh new start?

Release the tension and anxiety that is in your body?

Detox on a deep level, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically?

And be as good to your body and to yourself as to others?

This special mono-diet from the Kundalini Yoga tradition helps your body to detoxify in the ultimate way

  • This special detox week can be a very good reset for your body.
  • The green week has the advantage that it is a fairly mild diet where you can still eat a lot and not go hungry and at the same time you notice a very clear effect right away. 
  • Because you only eat green things, you also get very creative with the preparation of your meals, juices and smoothies!
  • Your body (and mind!) will have to switch gears at first, but over time the green diet makes you feel light and refreshed
  • Your sugar levels become more stable so you have fewer fluctuations in your energy, and often feel less need to snack in between meals. You feel satiated more quickly. 
  • The daily yoga will support your body in getting rid of waste, to keep your vibration high and to be more mentally stable during the changes the diet causes.
  • You will find that after this detox and reset you will look at many situations very differently. You have a clearer and more positive view of the situation and the future.
  • And of course much more energy and fun to face the coming time with its challenges and opportunities well.

The benefits of The Green Diet

There are many vitamins and minerals in green fruits and vegetables

making your organs work better and increasing your energy.

It contains a lot of chlorophyll, which binds heavy metals to itself and therefore has a detoxifying effect

which clears your mind and makes it easier to make decisions.

Chlorophyll also increases oxygen in the blood, giving you more energy in the long run

so that you also have lots of energy for fun things at the end of the day.

The diet has a deacidifying effect (alkaline effect), which increases your resistance and prevents bacteria from having a chance

which reduces the chances of wellness diseases and health risks.

The green diet lowers cholesterol and is a amazing to your gut, pancreas, liver and gallbladder

which reduces the chances of wellness diseases and health risks.

It counteracts inflammation, preventing, for example, mucus formation in the respiratory tract

and in a time of Corona that is very welcome!

This special 11-day Kundalini Yoga Green Diet Program lets you experience all the benefits of the green diet in a safe environment and with great guidance without going hungry.

This is what you get in the Green Diet Program

  • Special list of foods to leave out 2 days before the green diet to safely cut down before you start.
  • 7 green breakfast menus by Green Diet Expert Vir that will make your mouth water.
  • 7 green lunch menus that are not only delicious but will also give you energy.
  • 7 green dinner menus that are filling and will make you fall asleep wonderfully.
  • Special list of foods and meals to help you rebuild your nutrition.
  • List of special suggestions if you have any allergies.
  • 11 delicious green snacks you can eat in between meals.
  • Access to a private group where you can share your experiences and inspire each other.
  • During your 11 day detox there are 5 Zoom meetings for inspiration.

In the Green Diet you will also learn:

  • How best to plan your meals during the green diet.
  • How to avoid the 4 main mistakes of dieting and detoxing.
  • How to get on and off the green diet.
  • Why you can eat as much as you want during the green diet and not experience hunger.
  • The main foods you should stop eating before starting this diet (otherwise you will get much more detox symptoms like headaches).
  • The main reasons why eating green gives you more energy (and a clear head).
  • How best to deal with any detox symptoms like nausea and headaches (and how to use the detox symptoms to grow spiritually).
  • 3 yogic techniques to stay relaxed and neutral when things get tough (and of course you can continue to use these after the green diet).
  • The right way to slowly start eating different foods again after the detox week.
  • How to do the green diet up to 40 days without feeling hungry.
  • 7 important tips on how to keep eating healthy and consciously to stay energetic and light after your green diet. 

Yes, I joining the Green Diet for €37 instead of €67 so I can feel light, slim and aware again.
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(offer is till 26/3)


With your registration you will also get automatic access to the 11 day Kundalini Yoga Detox Challenge. In this Challenge you can do 11 days of supportive Kundalini Yoga series and Meditations that support the Detox process.

About the teacher


"When I just started doing kundalini yoga I was introduced to different types of diets, including the green diet. Since then (2009) I have done this diet maybe 30 times.

It has increased the connection with my body and made me more aware of mechanisms cpncerning food. The connection with food is now a connection of gratitude, appreciation and enjoying the purity and energy of it. In the beginning, I did a diet out of guilt. Now I do it out of love for my body and sometimes to make a new start when habits like eating a lot of sweet food have crept in.

It took me time and a lot of patience, but I am enormously grateful and it is worth doing, still. I hope to be able to inspire you and together with Jasper provide the environment to give you a valuable and healing experience."

What others say about the Green Diet

"It has brought me a lot. I am recovering from Corona, but how I am feeling today is incredible. I feel fit, light and loving towards myself. Green will definitely stay in my life for much of the day. "

"I lost 5kg in weight without effort. The kriyas were hard and I got a lot of muscle pain. But it seemed like, when the muscle pain went away, a lot of old garbage with it left my body. I feel light and clean."

"I had a strong detoxification reaction. I saw that there was something underneath and I looked at that it during that week. I could feel the release process going through all of my body.  I really went through something and came out lighter."
"The Green Diet Program has changed my life forever. I cannot express my gratitude in words. The powerful effects of green are integrating deeply into all my cells. I feel light, alive, sexy and grounded in my body. I experienced the guidance of this detox as excellent. I myself have a background in emotion eating and overeating, but I felt that this detox was accessible to me and I could would learn a lot from it. This feeling was completely correct!!! Thank you so much Vir & Jasper."
Joeke Hoeboer / Intuition Coach & Yoga Teacher 

Join the Green Diet Program for €37 instead of €67 and invite one friend for FREE (offer is till 26/3)