Suzan's Story


Amid life's tumultuous twists and turns, sometimes the universe presents us with unexpected opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Suzan, a 44-year-old physician assistant from the Netherlands, found herself at a crossroads when chronic migraines forced her to leave her beloved career behind. 

Discovering Kundalini Yoga:

In search of relief from her migraines and a deeper connection to herself, Suzan turned to meditation. Initially seeking solace in guided meditations, she stumbled upon Kundalini Yoga, drawn by its promises of healing and spiritual awakening. Intrigued by integrating mantras and meditations, Suzan felt a profound resonance with the practice.

Suzan recalls, "I started training for women's circle facilitators, where Kundalini yoga exercises were integrated into each circle. This was my first real connection with Kundalini yoga, and I was immediately intrigued."

Finding Guru Gian and the community

Suzan's journey deepened when she discovered Guru Gian's Kundalini Yoga Club. She was captivated by his teachings and the Sanghat of the community fostered by the club. Suzan shares, "Then I saw the Kundalini Yoga Club. A Dutch guy who translated it all, who integrated it into his life. It was such a welcoming community, and I felt like I had found my tribe."

Kundalini Yoga Coaching journey

Inspired by the profound impact of Kundalini Yoga on her life, Suzan decided to become a Kundalini Yoga coach. Driven by a desire to share the transformative power of the practice with others, she embarked on a journey of learning and growth, eager to guide others on their path to healing and renewal.

Reflecting on her decision to pursue Kundalini Yoga coaching, Suzan expresses, "I subscribed for the Kundalini yoga coach training online. This was my opportunity. This was my chance. The techniques I'm now learning are not just techniques; they are a whole concept that will work throughout my life."

Through her practice, Suzan gained valuable insights into the nature of suffering and the power of resilience. She learned to embrace her challenges with courage and grace, finding strength in vulnerability and authenticity. Each day brought new opportunities for growth and self-discovery, as Suzan cultivated a deeper connection to herself and the world around her.

A Message of hope: Heal yourself

To those who may be struggling or seeking a path to healing, Suzan offers a message of hope and encouragement. Through her journey with Kundalini Yoga, she discovered that healing is possible, even amid pain and uncertainty. Suzan's story serves as a reminder that within each of us lies the power to transform our lives and create a future filled with joy, purpose, and abundance.

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