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Online Training in which you will learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation & learn how to integrate the masculine & feminine energy

The most complete online starter course Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Are you interested in Kundalini Yoga?

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of it?

Learn and experience all these ancient yogic techniques? But still modern, intuitive and conscious? 

Then follow this Online Training: Introduction Kundalini Yoga 2.0

Mother of all yogas

Kundalini Yoga is also known as the Mother of All Yogas. This is because it is a combination of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra (Naad) Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Karma Yoga and Laya Yoga. 

It is the most powerful form of yoga and meditation and you do not need to be extremely flexible for it. It is made for the modern man who cannot sit in a cave meditating for hours, but for people who are living their lives to the fullest

Kundalini Yoga makes your body strong and fit. Your mind focused, clear and intuitive. And you get in touch with your essence, your soul. This allows you to know who you are and what your path is in this life. Furthermore you create a powerful aura with which you can be and flourish in this world with your sensitivity.



In the Kundalini Yoga tradition there are as many as 2500 different yoga series and meditations you can practice. To strengthen your nervous system, open your chakras, detox, deeply relax, strengthen your intuition and much more. You can't see the forest for the trees. The challenge of Kundalini Yoga is to find your way in it. No need to worry!

I have put together an online training where you will learn and experience Kundalini Yoga step-by-step. I explain the most important techniques and introduce the most important Kundalini Yoga exercises, kriyas and meditations one by one. And because the training is online, you can follow it at your own pace

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What others say about Kundalini Yoga 

Maarten Mulder

The past 2 weeks I have done the Kundalini Yoga 2.0 Introduction Training. I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga daily for about half a year now (already done 3 times a 40-day course), but I found this a very enriching course.

Very informative and clear videos explaining all the important aspects of Kundalini Yoga. I learned a lot of new things thanks to the videos and my motivation (which was already at a good level) was further boosted.

The videos gave me a good context and a nice perspective on the how and what of my daily practice. I could immediately integrate a number of things into my practice, especially in the area of alignment.

How wonderful that you have developed this course. I hope this course inspires many others like me to make Kundalini Yoga more fun, deep and effective!

Testimonial van Maarten Mulder

What will you learn in this online Kundalini Yoga Introduction training?

  • How Kundalini Yoga interacts with your physical body which is why it has such a powerful effect (this took me over 10 years to discover myself).
  • The 4 most important breathing techniques that ensure you always have enough energy for your practice and your day.
  • The essential aspects of Kundalini Yoga that will help you get a lot out of your practice in a short time.
  • Why traditionally with other forms of yoga you turn away from the world and with Kundalini Yoga you come more into the world.
  • The 2 sides of each Kundalini Yoga asana and how these two sides ensure that you experience much less resistance and much more positive effects from your practice.
  • An important female focus in your Kundalini Yoga practice that balances the male side of Kundalini Yoga (and which I personally apply in my own practice and feel much more grounded because of it).
  • The 4 "locks" that ensure that the Kundalini Energy you release also flows properly (I do them to give you not only the knowledge but also the experience).
  • The 3 most important meditations to prepare your nervous system for these times. 
  • Kundalini Yoga kriyas by Yogi Bhajan and some beginner series created by me especially for modern people.
  • How to adapt your own practice to your own level and schedule.
  • The most important (small) point in your body that causes the awakening process to start (and of course kriyas to reinforce this)..
  • The most important meditation to relax (which works on the parasymphatic nervous system - the more often you do this meditation, the easier it is to relax).
  • The scientifically researched meditation that is super good for your brain and puts your life in a flow (these studies have scientifically shown that it reduces Alzheimer's and supports memory).
  • And, of course, much more. Including my support and tips if you want to take your yoga and meditation practice to the next level. With these additional tips, you will ensure that you are consciously and intentionally shaping your practice. 

How does the online program work?

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Part 1: Deepening into Kundalini Yoga

You will learn the benefits, process of transformation and results of Kundalini Yoga practice. You will also learn the importance and challenges of meditation and about the essential aspects of Kundalini Yoga. Then you will learn about masculine and feminine energy in Kundalini Yoga, the bhandas and allignment, mantras, pranayama and the navel point.
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Part 2: key exercises

In Part 2 you will learn the most important exercises, kriyas, pranayamas, meditations and mantras in 5 lessons. There is a logical sequence in which we start with the basic exercises and dive a step deeper into the world of Kundalini Yoga.
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Part 3: optional

This part is optional and gives you the chance to take your practice to the next level.
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You get 20 videos with Kundalini Yoga! 

Jasper explains and demonstrates everything to you using 20 videos. So you don't have to read long texts first, you can get started right away.
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The most complete online introduction and basic training Kundalini Yoga

You can be sure: nowhere else will you find a course that covers so much. In a clear and structured way so it's easy to understand to get started right away.

At the end of the online training you will be a true Kundalini Yogi and you will know exactly which elements are important in Kundalini Yoga and what your ideal practice is to delve further into.

This training can now be ordered with 50% discount price of €47,- (instead of normal price of €97) 

What does this very complete course cost?

Please know that the real value of this course is € 97. Since our mission is to bring Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to as many people as possible, we want to keep it affordable for everyone.

That is why we do not charge € 97,- but only € 47,-.

Kundalini Yoga & meditation is my passion

In this training I put all my experience of almost 20 years of Kundalini Yoga. I have been practicing this yoga for over 10,000 hours and have attended more than 10 trainings. I have been teaching this form myself for 15 years now and give trainings and retreats at home and abroad. 

All this knowledge, wisdom and experience I have bundled for you in this introductory training Kundalini Yoga 2.0. I am sure you will learn a lot. 

Kundalini Yoga has healed me on many levels and has put me in my power. Now it is your turn. The world needs you.

Sat nam,

Guru Gian/ Jasper Kok

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I don't have much experience with Kundalini Yoga yet. Can I do this training then?

Yes you can. You do not need years of experience to do the exercises. With the help of video's I explain you exactly how everything works. You can then participate in the lessons at your own level. In this way you really get to know the basics of Kundalini Yoga.

  • Do I have to do the 5 steps all at once?

No. The lessons do open on a weekly basis, but you can do them when it suits you. So you do not have to take a class every day to keep up with the training.

  • How long will the training be available?

Once signed up for the training, the content will remain available to you for the rest of your life. 

  • I am not that flexible? Is it also for me?

Of course it is. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that not every posture has to be perfect, but you have an experience. So you can participate in everything at your own level and your own pace. Do you really have physical problems? Then first consult with your doctor. 

  • I have been following Kundalini Yoga classes for some time.  Is this training also for me?

Yes it is. In this training you really go into depth. If you follow classes (live or in the Kundalini Yoga Club) it's often about the experience, the feeling. With the training you go deeper and learn about the background of Kundalini Yoga and why you do and choose certain things. So you become more aware about why you do a kriya, meditation or pranayama, which makes your experience even deeper.