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Unlimited Online Kundalini Yoga Classes

Create a Healthy Body, a Happy Mind and an Awakened Soul through unlimited online Kundalini yoga and meditation classes in English from the best teachers

Let's build and maintain your practice together

With our membership, you can access our growing Library of video classes created by certified teachers and experts

We recorded the videos in such a way that you can feel the energy of the Teachers!

They introduce every kriya and meditation clearly.

And give you exact and detailed instructions on how to do the exercises and postures. 

And the best thing is...they will do the kriya, mediation or full class with you!

As if you are doing together.

You can always open your eyes and see how they perform the yoga posture.

You will derive a lot of motivation out of doing the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation together. 

In this way you are already looking forward to your next class of Kundalini Yoga & Meditaiton.

We are here to serve you!

This is included in your Kundalini Yoga Club membership:

Themed yoga sets

Whether you're a beginner or just like challenges, the kriyas are divided into different themes. There will come beginner sets, basic level sets, sets to challenge yourself, and sets to transform yourself. There are also short 10-minute kundalini boosters for those who are short on time, and flowing kundalini yoga series if you're looking for a gentle pace.

Meditations with and without mantra and pranayama

Kundalini yoga meditations give you a calm mind and an uplifting mood. It's the perfect tool after work or just because you feel like it. In the Kundalini Yoga Club you will find a new meditation every week. Both without mantras and with mantras. You will also find various pranayama meditations.

The kriya and meditation of the week

Every 2 weeks in Kundalini Yoga Club you get a new series of kriyas and meditations, so you can always do something new. Because you always get new kriyas and meditations, there is always something new to do every week. You continue to grow and enjoy your yoga practice.

Guest Teachers

We will get different guest Teachers that will teach specific Kundalini Yoga series and also Kundalini derivatives like Shakti Dance!

Unlimited access to the 11-day challenges

Kundalini Yoga Club regularly organizes a new 11-day challenge. Each time with a different theme. For example, a challenge for a flexible back, for detoxification, for more self-love, or for doubling your spiritual power. As a full member of the club, you continue to have unlimited access to these challenges even after the 11 days are over.

Kundalini Boosters 

Are you short on time but want to start the day in a good mood? Then do one of the various kundalini boosters available at Kundalini Yoga Club. These boosters give you a quick boost of energy by activating the spine, navel point, nervous system, and calming the mind.

And this is also included

Our Club Community

Perhaps you have questions about Kundalini Yoga or would like to share your experience. You are welcome to do so. In the community, Guru Gyan, his team, and all the other members are ready to answer all your questions. We hope to see you soon.

Background information on Kundalini yoga & meditation

The history of Kundalini Yoga is fascinating. Here you will learn the background of Kundalini Yoga. About breath and pranayama. The yogic anatomy and the chakras. And about allignment in Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini yoga Netflix: anywhere, anytime on your laptop, iPad or smartphone

As a member of the Kundalini Yoga Club, you can access all videos via any device whenever and wherever you want, as often as you want. So you can take classes at your convenience. We even have a special Kundalini Yoga Club app for iPad and smartphones! Super simple and easy to use.

Technical explanation of postures

Here you will be explained through videos the most important Kundalini Yoga postures and techniques by Posture Master Guru Prem Singh Khalsa and his wife Simran Kaur Khalsa. You will learn the fire breathing, correct breathing, stretch pose, the bhandas and sat kriya.

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You will be automatically unsubscribed after 14 days

However, as we are just starting our International Kundalini Yoga Club you can get Great BONUSES for these 14 days!

HERE  is our incredible BONUS package

BONUS: Free access to the following courses (TOTAL Value = €348)

 Introduction Kundalini Yoga 2.0

Background information about the postures and history of Kundalini Yoga. 

It teaches you how to access and balance your masculine and feminine energy. 

The price of this Introductory Course is normally €97 and you will receive it for FREE.

Tantra Way of Living:

Introduction to Tantra Course

Learn how to embrace your feelings and feel your way through life. Getting away from the heavy head and more in to the balanced heart. 

Normal Price is €147 and you will receive it for FREE.

11 Days Green Diet Program + Yoga Detox Challenge

Discover this ancient powerful yogic detox diet to become slim, light and spiritually bright.

Normal Price = €67 and you will receive it for FREE. 

Best 15 minutes for Energy, Focus and Calmth

This course is a booster sequence designed to help anyone kick start their day with renewed energy, calmness, and focus.

Normal Price = €37 and you will receive it for FREE. 

What others say about the Kundalini Yoga Club

Today did Kriya Bridge series from the Kundalini Yoga Club with Jasper Kok. 

An online environment that is very helpful in my daily Sadhana.

Jolène van der Steen
Thank you Jasper Kok, this set was a wonderful support for me today.

Ida Salat
Like being in class, but private. Lovely doing the Spinal Flex Kriya this morning.

Simone van den Ende

Do you feel that your daily practice needs more support and inspiration?

Then the Kundalini Yoga Club is the solution!