Magical Mystical Mexico Kundalini Retreat

Rejuvenate & Reinvent yourself completely in 7 days of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and The Magic of The Ancient Mayans

Dear Beautiful Being,
Are you ready for an adventure?
Exploring the Ancient Civilisation of the Mayas while enjoying a luxurious retreat at the beach at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico?
While activating the Kundalini Lifeforce through the practice of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with two very experienced Kundalini Teachers?
Then this retreat is your unique opportunity
For 7 days en 6 nights we will show you the best of Kundalini Yoga and of Mexico.
In our busy lives we need to go to energetic power spots to lift our spirits, rejuvenate ourselves and get clarity to live our vision.
As your hosts of this Magical Mystical Kundalini Retreat we will make sure that you will have a first class worldly and spiritual experience.
Please read our page and get excited for this adventure.

Your hosts, Guru Gian (Jasper) & Amrit Singh Reinsch

A Next Level Retreat that will Awaken Your Spirit and Bring Joy in Your Heart

Why this retreat?

  • We live in super-challenging times. The way to thrive in these times is good contact with yourself, clear intuition and extra power and energy to make the right choices
  • The Kundalini path requires regular powerful transformative experiences that deepen your practice and bring it to a higher level
  • It is important to practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation with like-minded people
  • We need yearly deep cleanses for the Life Force to flow freely in our body-mind
  • Me time is increasingly important as we become more sensitive and therefore have more to process
  • At a deep level, we carry traumas and blockages in our bodies. By practising Kundalini Yoga while keeping your attention in your body you can clear old blockages and traumas
  • The energy builds up during the days. You carry this increased frequency with you for months to come.
  • In 7 days we can very systematically cleans and rejuvenate ourselves. This refines your perception and brings you more in balance.
  • A week-long retreat can really be a breakthrough in your personal or spiritual process. We would like to offer you this opportunity.

What do others say about Kundalini Yoga with Guru Gian (Jasper) & Amrit Singh

Yoga is now an essential part of my life for me. It is wonderful that I can easily let go of what is not important.
Benji, media specialist
It awakens you on all levels: your body, your mind, your energy and your spirituality. Guru Gian teaches with deep respect, vast knowledge and from his heart.
Barbara, PR agency
For me, Guru Gian is a source of inspiration and positive energy. He has immense knowledge and motivates and inspires every time. Highly recommended. 
Gijs, Business Owner

Every day learning with Amrit has been an eye-opening, heart-warming experience for me. I am also someone following my spiritual path and learning to trust in the universe. Amrit is incredible at his work because he's been there, he understands, and because of this, he knows. What's more his personality is perfect for his purpose. Thank you brother. I wish you all the best in your growth and I thank the universe you came to me. As the saying goes, Once the student is ready, the teacher appears.' Never in a million years did I predict a German, turban wearing genie! Best surprise ever!

    Arnu Rasi

    “ This has been more valuable than 10 years of therapy for me.”


    Amrit Singh, he is amazing personality

    I had the chance to work with him for sixteen years as his right hand .

    I had faced so many ups and downs in my life but he is always there to counsel and treat as best friend

    We always want to be prosper in our lives but money is not the prosperity it’s you , your daily yoga practice make you so perfect physically and spiritually

    Thanks Amrit

    Mona Bhatti

    A Kundalini Retreat is a place of deep healing

    What can you expect

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    7 days of transformative, cleansing & healing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    Relaxing at the Mayan Riviera, Excursions, Mayan Trips and free time

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    Two Great Teachers that are Spiritual and Grounded at the same time

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    7 days of the Healthy Vegetarian Food

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    Deepening workshop on raising the Kundalini Energy

    Kundalini Yoga Club logo

    Joy, laughter, dancing and having the best time of your life!

    How does a Magical Mystical Mexico Kundalini Retreat day look like?

    05.30 - 08.00: Kundalini Yoga Sadhana (Guru Gian and Amrti Singh)

    08.00 - 10.00: Healthy Breakfast

    10.00 - 12.00: Transformative Kundalini Workshop with Guru Gian or Amrit Singh

    12.30 - 13.30 Lunch Break

    13.30 - 17.00 Free Time or Excursion

    17.30 - 19.00 Super Delicious Healthy Dinner Break

    19.00 - 20.00 Evening meditation, dancing, sharing

    Please tell us more about your amazing Retreat!

    • This special Kundalini Activation week can be a very good reset for your body.
    • The vibration of Mexico and the Ancient Mayans will add a special spiritual dimension under this retreat
    • You have 2 amazing experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers. Both Kundalini Teacher Trainers and combined more than 40 years of experience with sharing Kundalini Yoga
    • Your body (and mind!) will have to switch gears at first, but over time the daily practice and healthy food choices make you feel light and refreshed
    • An optimal balance between spiritual yogic living and enjoying and relaxation at the Mayan Riviera. 
    • The daily yoga will support your body in getting rid of waste, to keep your vibration high and to be more mentally stable during the changes the diet causes.
    • You will find that after this retreat you will look at many situations very differently. You have a clearer and more positive view of the situation and the future.
    • And of course much more energy and fun to face the coming time with its challenges and opportunities well.

    The Spiritual and Physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

    Stress Relief and Increased Resilience

    Kundalini yoga's dynamic postures, rhythmic breathing, and deep relaxation techniques help to release tension and promote emotional well-being. Studies have shown that Kundalini yoga can effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
    Standing Hamstring Stretch.

    Enhanced Physical Health

    Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool for improving physical health. The practice strengthens the body, increases flexibility, and improves cardiovascular health. Kundalini yoga can also help to reduce pain, improve sleep quality, and boost energy levels.

    Spiritual Awakening and Personal Growth

    Kundalini yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that can lead to a profound sense of inner peace and enlightenment. The practice encourages self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual connection.

    Mindfulness and Enhanced Focus

    Kundalini yoga's emphasis on breathwork and meditation cultivates mindfulness and improves focus. The practice helps to train the mind to be present in the moment, which can be beneficial for both personal and professional life.
    Spiritual Awakening - key for a fulfilling life

    Creativity and Inspiration

    Kundalini yoga awakens the creative potential within us. The practice can boost inspiration, imagination, and self-expression.

    Connection to Community and Support

    Kundalini yoga retreats and classes provide a supportive and nurturing community where individuals can connect with like-minded practitioners and share their experiences.

    Wow this sounds amazing!

    And can you tell us more about your location?

    A boutique yoga retreat center located in Puerto Morelos, Mexico 25 minutes from Cancun International Airport. Casa Om is just steps to a white sand beach and a short walk to the vibrant town center filled with restaurants, shops, and art. 

    Your stay includes comfortable rooms supplied with bedding, towels, AC, fridge, a safe, and private or shared bathroom depending on the room you book. Rooms include coffee makers, unlimited coffee, basic toiletries, and unlimited filtered drinking water. Nourishing, high-protein vegetarian meals are shared on the rooftop dining palapa and cooked by the house chef. Casa Om runs a vegetarian kitchen influenced by the yogic principle of Ahimsa, or non-harming/non-violence. Our food is prepared with love and intention. The kitchen can accommodate requests to support your needs. The center offers simple spa services, a pool, hammocks, and our common areas are shared with birds and turtles!

    Playa de Puerto Morelos is home to the second-largest coral reef in the world, offering amazing snorkeling alongside tropical fish. Experiencing the beautiful underwater world is pure magic! 

    West of the beach is la Ruta de Los Cenotes, a road with access to natural ancient pools of water along the way. Cenotes expose crystal-clear groundwater and offer gorgeous places to swim, jump in, or simply take in the powerful energy of flowing water. The ancient Maya accessed cenotes as a water source and a site for sacred ceremonies and rituals. Cenotes are a symbol of life and death and connect us to worlds beyond the physical realm; they were a place to honor the gods. 

    Get a feeling for this great location!

    Start Date

    Sunday November 2th 2024

    End Date

    Saturday November 9th 2024

    The Times

    First day: Check in 15.00 - 17.00 Start @ 17.00

    Last Day: Check out 10.00


    The Location

    Casa Om

    MEXICO Puerto Morelos

    This is what you will learn in the Magical Mystical Mexico Retreat

    • How the process of Kundalini awakening works and how to do it responsibly and safely
    • Specific yoga postures, kriyas and meditations that open and balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
    • Why mantras are one of the best and safest ways to awaken the Kundalini
    • Why Kundalini Yoga is the way to activate your unrealised potential
    • The health benefits of every day yoga and meditation(and there are many more than meets the eye)
    • Which kriyas and meditations are best to do after the retreat to support the Kundalini Activation process
    • How the combination of pranayama, kriya and mantra will help you open your pineal gland which will help you awaken spiritually faster and stimulate the rejuvenation process within yourself
    • Which yoga series, meditations and mantras help you raise your own frequency and maintain the increased frequency in your daily life
    • Daily "Journaling" questions that will help you keep a positive mindset during and after the retreat
    • What you can do to enjoy the positive effects of the Kundalini Activation retreat for as long as possible
    • The power of practising Kundalini Yoga and Meditation intensively together for 7 days
    • How to combine dance and Kundalini Yoga to practice yoga with much more pleasure
    • All kinds of preparatory exercises that allow you to stay in postures much longer
    • The best tips & tricks from Guru Gian & Amrit Singh to practice Kundalini Yoga with more fun, dedication and results
    • How to use Kundalini Yoga as a. tool to become the best version of yourself while serving the world profoundly

    Meet our incredible teachers!

    Kundalini Yoga

    Guru Gian/ Jasper

    Jasper has more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is Jasper's speciality but he is open to all forms of yoga and meditation. Jasper is very experienced in guiding people and teaching transformational retreats. Jasper is also the initiator and owner of the Kundalini Yoga Club and has written the book The Kundalini Yoga (R)Evolution.

    This is what others say about Jasper

    Amrit Singh Reinsch

    Amrit Singh has been studying Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years. His foundation was laid in Germany in the mid 90s. Amrit Singh then moved to India and dedicate his life’s work to help build and grow Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar for 20 years. There he lived with his beautiful wife Ananda Kaur from Mexico and his two kids. He recently moved back to Mexico and now teaches in several Teacher Training programs worldwide. He is a KRI Level 3 Professional Teacher Trainer and practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan.

    During all these years his true passion has always been in helping people through 1-1 Coaching with a special focus on relationships and business. 

    What others say about Amrit Singh

    Every day learning with Amrit has been an eye-opening, heart-warming experience for me. I am also someone following my spiritual path and learning to trust in the universe. Amrit is incredible at his work because he's been there, he understands, and because of this, he knows. What's more his personality is perfect for his purpose. Thank you brother. I wish you all the best in your growth and I thank the universe you came to me. As the saying goes, Once the student is ready, the teacher appears.' Never in a million years did I predict a German, turban wearing genie! Best surprise ever!


    Working with Amrit Singh has truly transformed my life. His insights and understanding of spiritual growth are profound, and he always seems to know exactly what I need to hear.
    Amrit's coaching has helped me overcome significant obstacles and discover my true purpose. His kindness and wisdom make every session a unique and powerful experience. I am immensely thankful for his guidance and the positive changes it has brought into my life.


    In my everyday life I am confronted many times with situations that are challenging. With some, I am able to look at them and work out the part that a specific situation is making me aware of on my own. Sometimes an answer or support comes to me when I apply the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and meditate. But there are times when I hit a wall, when life confronts me to an extent that I can't find the way through a challenge that came to me to help me grow in ways that I couldn't even see at first point - here's where my coach Amrit Singh comes in.

    On the one hand, it has been a one year guided process of coaching that made me transform my life by taking specific action steps to reach my goals, or even more, to fulfill my life's purpose.

    On the other hand, there was a moment in every single coaching session where Amrit helped me to move through a major block and I really learned: "There is a way through every block!

    Tiaga Priti Kaur

    We offer you some great Bonuses!

    Bonus 1. Full Day Excursion to Mayan Temples of Tulum

    Embark on an unforgettable journey to the heart of ancient Mayan civilization at our Magical Mexico Retreat.

    Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic Mayan ruins in the world. Discover the secrets of the Maya at our guided tour of the ruins, where you'll learn about their intricate mythology, astronomical prowess, and fascinating way of life.

    Let the ancient spirits of the Maya guide you as you explore these sacred sites, leaving you with a profound appreciation for their enduring legacy.

    Your Magical Mexico Retreat awaits you – an opportunity to connect with the past, embrace the present, and embark on a journey of personal transformation.

    Bonus 2.Visit Mayan Cenotes

    Journey into the depths of the Mayan underworld, where crystal-clear cenotes await your exploration.

    Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of these natural swimming holes, once revered by the Maya as sacred portals to the afterlife.

    Descend into the depths of the cenotes, surrounded by towering limestone walls and vibrant underwater flora and fauna.

    Experience the tranquility of these otherworldly places, where the only sounds are the gentle lapping of water and the chirping of tropical birds.

    Let the magic of the cenotes wash over you, leaving you feeling revitalized and connected to the ancient wisdom of the Maya.

    Bonus 3. Icebaths make the strongest version of You

    The ice bath practice is inspired by the Wim Hof method with mixtures of kundalini breathing techniques and our own unique spin.

    The ice is a communion with nature in the rawest, purest form.  It’s a tiny investment for massive physical and mental breakthroughs.

    Bonus 4. An Amazing Fotoshoot @ the beach

    Bonus 5. Sweatlodges

    Bonus 6. A 90 minute Coaching session with Amrit Singh

    Amrit Singh has coached young adults for almost 25 years at the Miri Piri Academy in India. Now for the last years he has transformed himself in a spiritual life coach helping people to save their marriage and becoming the best version of themselves.

    Bonus 7. Free Airport Pickup to and from Casa Om

    Don't hussle. We arrange that you will be picked up by the amazing team of Casa Om!

    Bonus 8. The whole week Unlimited All-Inclusive Freshly Pressed Juices

    Casa Om is the best is freshly pressed juices. You can have as much as you please! To your health!

    Great. Thank you! What is my investment?

    Choose The Room You Like!

    Shared Female Dorm

    4 beds, private bathroom
    €2450, €1950,-

    Room 1-2

    2 beds, private bathroom

    €2750,- €2250,-

    Room 3-5 - each for Single occupancy

    Private bathroom
    €3300,-  €2750,-

    Room 7-8 - each for Double occupancy

    2 beds, shared bathroom between the two rooms

    €2600,- €2100,-

    Room 10(each for Double occupancy)

    Queen Bed w/sofa, balcony, AC, private bathroom

    €2450,- €1950,-

    Room 11(Single)

    Palapa Penthouse, queen bed, sea views, balcony, ocean breeze, No AC, private bathroom not en suite (close by)

    €3250,- €2750,-

    Room 11(each for Double occupancy)

    Palapa Penthouse, queen bed, sea views, balcony, ocean breeze, No AC, private bathroom not en suite (close by)

    €2500,- €2000,-

    Room 9 (Single)

    King bed, private bathroom w/big Japanese soaking tub

    €3450,- €2950,-

    Room 9 (each for Double occupancy)

    King bed, private bathroom w/big Japanese soaking tub

    €2500,- €2000,-

    Room 10(Single)

    Queen Bed w/sofa, balcony, AC, private bathroom

    €3250,- €2750,-

    Here you can read some experiences (in Dutch with english subtitles) of former retreat participants