The Five Shades of Tantra

The Five Shades of Tantra

five shades of tantrathe five shades of tantra 2If you've found your curiosity piqued by Tantra, yet feel somewhat daunted by its vast complexity and myriad practices, know that you're not alone. I once stood exactly where you are now - before diving into the rich history of age-old texts and soaking up the wisdom shared by seasoned experts. 

What I discovered is that Tantra isn't a one-size-fits-all practice; rather, it exists as a kaleidoscope with five unique shades or color–white, red, pink, black, and gray. In this article, we'll navigate through each distinct Tantra hue together to help unravel this ancient spiritual system's mysteries—lighting the way towards your path of self-discovery. Try this out with a Free 3 Day Tantra challenge offered by The Kundalini Yoga Club, and feel its power on your own skin. 

The Five Shades of Tantra

explore the five shades

'Exploring the shades of Tantra unveils a spectrum of practices, each with unique characteristics. If you are still wondering what Tantra is, learn more about it here'

Lastly, Gray Tantra encapsulates all these elements in varying proportions to suit individual preferences and perspectives.

Each shade presents its own path toward holistic well-being through distinct principles and rituals that we can incorporate into our daily lives for personal development and fulfillments.

White Tantra: Spiritual growth and self-transformation

White Tantra: Spiritual growth and self-transformation

'White Tantra is all about helping your mind grow. You can use it to deepen your inner connection just as well as you can practice it with a partner in the Kundalini Yoga. It allows you to feel better inside and learn new things about who you are, teaching you gratitude towards your very own existence'

With White Tantra, you become strong in spirit and soul. If you practice it with a partner during Kundalini Yoga, your bond can deepen fundamentally. You can experience this sublime practice in the Tantra retreat offered by The Kundalini Yoga Club

There are special mantras and yoga poses to help this change happen smoothly. With time, your life sees rich gains from practicing White Tantra every day. I recommend you trying out a course to learn the gentle power that lies in a mantra. 

Here are some of the benefits characteristic to White Tantra:

  • Meditation and Breath Control: White Tantra often incorporates various meditation techniques and breath control exercises. Practitioners use these methods to calm the mind, increase awareness, and develop mindfulness. This can lead to a heightened sense of inner peace and tranquility.
  • Connection with Universal Energy: White Tantra emphasizes the connection between the individual and the universal energy or consciousness. It aims to align the practitioner's energy with the greater cosmic forces, fostering a sense of unity and harmony with the universe.
  • Chakra Balancing: In White Tantra, there is a focus on balancing the body's energy centers, known as chakras. Through specific practices such as Kundalini yoga, practitioners aim to clear blockages in these energy centers, leading to improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Enhanced Intuition and Self-Discovery: White Tantra is considered a path of self-discovery. As individuals delve deeper into their practice, they often experience heightened intuition, increased self-awareness, and a greater understanding of their own purpose and potential.

Red Tantra: Sexual energy and connection

Red Tantra: Sexual energy and connectionRed Tantra is about our sexual energy and how it connects us. It makes the skin buzz and hearts beat fast. Red Tantra uses this powerful force to fuel deep links with others. This path is not just about sex, though.

It's also a journey of self-love and growth using our bodies' energies in new ways. Find out ways on how to practice Red Tantra alone or with your partner.

You may have heard that Tantric sex can give pleasure for hours or even days. But did you know that at its core, it's really a practice of trust? That open trust allows unique feelings to flow between partners during intimacy. 

Understanding your sexual energy can build deeper relationships too. Not just with lovers but with every person met throughout life. With careful training in Red Tantra, everyone can learn these skills no matter their age. 

Here are some areas Red Tantra touches upon:

  • Intimate Connection: In Red Tantra, couples often engage in intimate practices together, such as tantric sex and erotic rituals. These practices are designed to deepen the connection between partners both physically and spiritually, fostering trust and intimacy.
  • Breath and Energy Control: Similar to White Tantra, Red Tantra incorporates breath control techniques and energy work. These methods are used to enhance awareness and intensify the flow of sexual energy throughout the body, leading to heightened pleasure and spiritual experiences.
  • Exploration of Desire: Red Tantra encourages individuals and couples to explore their desires and fantasies in a safe and consensual manner. By doing so, practitioners aim to release sexual inhibitions, heal past traumas, and embrace their authentic selves.
  • Spiritual Evolution: While Red Tantra celebrates the physical and sensual aspects of life, it also sees these experiences as a means of spiritual evolution. It teaches that the integration of the physical and spiritual can lead to personal growth, enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of one's true self.

Pink Tantra: Balancing love and sensuality

Pink Tantra: Balancing love and sensualityPink Tantra helps balance love and touch. It focuses on the heart while adding soft touches. Women over 40 can use it to spark their love life again. This shade of Tantra blends deep feelings with sensuality.

It opens doors for more understanding and closeness between couples. Without using words, you get to tell your partner what you like or dislike through Pink tantra practices together.

In this way, it bonds two hearts together in a very pure way. 

If you find yourself looking for the following aspects, then Pink Tantra is for you!

  • Blending of White and Red: Pink Tantra, as a concept, may represent a middle ground between White Tantra's emphasis on spiritual growth and Red Tantra's focus on sensuality and sexuality. It could be seen as an attempt to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of tantra practice.
  • Healing and Self-Awareness: Pink Tantra could incorporate elements of healing and self-awareness, addressing past traumas and emotional blocks within the context of intimate relationships. It may encourage individuals and couples to explore their desires and boundaries in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Connection with the Divine: Like White Tantra, Pink Tantra might emphasise the connection between personal growth and spiritual development. It could view sexual and emotional connection as a means of experiencing the divine or transcendent states of consciousness.
  • Intimacy and Connection: Pink Tantra might highlight the importance of intimate connection and emotional bonding between partners. It could emphasize practices that enhance trust, communication, and emotional intimacy within relationships.

Black Tantra: Power dynamics and intense experiences

Black Tantra is strong and thrilling. It delves into the sides of our hearts that we may shy away from or think as wrong. This style of tantra plays with control and tests how much you can take in body, mind, and spirit.

In Black Tantra, some find a thrill in walking on the edge. Others open their hearts to massive changes through intense lessons. Both ways pull out strengths that lay deep within us, hidden till now.

Here are some insights into what "Black Tantra" might encompass:

  • Taboo and Esoteric Practices: Black Tantra may involve  rituals, ceremonies, or exercises that explore the darker or shadow aspects of human nature.Practitioners of Black Tantra may deliberately explore and confront societal taboos, personal fears, or forbidden desires as a means of personal growth or spiritual enlightenment.
  • Manipulation of Energy: Some interpretations of Black Tantra focus on the manipulation of energy for personal gain or power. This could involve working with various forms of energy, including sexual energy, with the goal of achieving specific outcomes or heightened personal abilities.
  • Unconventional Rituals: Black Tantra might incorporate rituals that challenge societal norms and boundaries. These rituals could involve elements of symbolism, meditation, and visualization to explore aspects of the self that are typically hidden or repressed.
  • Emphasis on Individualism: Black Tantra may prioritise individualism and self-empowerment over traditional concepts of interconnectedness and unity found in other branches of tantra.

Gray Tantra: Combination of different elements and approaches

Gray Tantra mixes parts of all the other color. It's like a meal with many flavors, not too spicy or too sweet. With Gray Tantra, we find balance. We use our mind and body equally.

We can enjoy love but also push our boundaries for growth. It helps us tie everything together smoothly.

Here are some insights into what "Gray Tantra" might encompass:

  • Balance Between Spirituality and Sensuality: Gray Tantra seeks to find a balance between the spiritual and sensual dimensions of life. It recognises the importance of both personal growth and the exploration of sensuality within the context of intimate relationships.
  • Mindful and Conscious Intimacy: Similar to Red Tantra, Gray Tantra emphasizes the importance of mindful and conscious intimacy. It encourages partners to engage in sensual practices with presence, awareness, and a deep connection.
  • Embracing Desire and Passion: Gray Tantra acknowledges the significance of desire and passion in human life. Practitioners of Gray Tantra may explore and celebrate their desires in a consensual and respectful manner.
  • Exploration of Intimate Practices: Gray Tantra may involve the exploration of various intimate practices, including tantric sex, sensual rituals, and exercises aimed at enhancing connection and pleasure.

Practices of different shades of Tantra

Practices of different shades of TantraEach tantra color has unique rituals and principles, which vary in intensity levels and involvement.

From meditative techniques used in White Tantra, relative to spiritual growth, to sensual exercises encouraging intimate connection in Red Tantra - every color offers a transformative journey of self-development.

Black tantra explores power dynamics through intense experiences while Gray Tantra combines varying elements for an all-encompassing approach. In Pink tantra, you'll find love subtly intertwined with sensuality; a balance that promotes deep affectionate bonds.

Expect engaging content filled with insightful learning as I take you on a detailed exploration of these shades.

3 Tantric practices for beginners

Different levels of intensity and involvement

As we journey through the shades of Tantra, it's important to understand that each shade requires different levels of intensity and involvement.

Shade of Tantra

Level of Intensity

Level of Involvement

White Tantra


If you are looking to dive deeper into yourself and grow spiritually, this Tantra color is for you!

It primarily involves internalised, mental, and psychological practices. This spiritual path requires deep contemplation, meditation, and mindfulness to achieve self-transformation.

Red Tantra


If you are looking into exploring your sexuality alone or with a partner, this colour of Tantra is for you!

Red Tantra is highly physical, center on sexual expressions and connection. It demands active participation, full engagement of all senses, and physical intimacy to harness sexual energy.

Pink Tantra

Moderate to High

If you wish to balance your soft side and give life to more love and sensuality, Pink Tantra is for you!

This path encourages emotional involvement as it aims to balance love and sensuality. It requires a deep understanding of emotional connection and the ability to express love in a sensual way.

Black Tantra


If you are looking for an intense mind-body-soul experience, Black Tantra is calling your name!

Black Tantra is not for the faint-hearted. It often involves exploring taboo and extreme practices. It necessitates exceptional mental strength, courage, resilience, and openness to power dynamics and intense experiences.

Gray Tantra


If you would like to get a sense of what different shades of Tantra are all about, the Gray Tantra is for you!

As a balanced and neutral shade, Gray Tantra combines elements from the other shades. It allows flexibility, enabling practitioners to tailor their practices to their individual needs and preferences.

Each shade of Tantra offers a different approach to spiritual growth and self-discovery. Just remember, the key to Tantra is not the intensity but the intention, the intention of spiritual and personal growth. Choose the path that resonates with you, respects your boundaries, and aligns with your spiritual goals.

Different levels of intensity and involvement


The practice of Tantra has grown in popularity, leading to the division of different shades to cater to the diverse interests and needs of practitioners. 

Learn and live Tantra in your life. Explore the five shades to see what suits you with specialised practitioners. You can do this by taking on a Tantra challenge offered by The Kundalini Yoga club.  Let us remember that the tapestry of Tantra is woven with threads of chakra awareness and Kundalini's awakening, inviting us to explore the rich spectrum of our inner landscapes and the boundless universe that surrounds us. 

As you let your hands become instruments of love and connection, you might find that through touch, you're not only touching the surface but delving deep into the sacred dance of existence itself. 

I warmly recommend you trying a Tantra retreat such as the one offered by De Kundalini Yoga club. If you would like to know more, I always recommend taking introductory courses on Tantra, to grasp the whole experience with knowledge and feelings. 


1. What are the five shades of Tantra?

The five shades of Tantra are White, Red, Pink, Black and Gray Tantra.

2. How do the color in Tantra yoga help with self-love and spiritual growth?

Each color in Tantra Yoga guides a different path for self-love and helps to foster spiritual growth and self-development.

3. Is Kundalini yoga related to the practice of Tantra?

Yes, Kundalini yoga is part of the practice of White tantra that centers on self-love as well as mind and body unity.

4. Can I mix different color or shades when practicing Tantra?

While each shade serves a distinct purpose, it's best to focus on one at a time for healthy emotional balance.

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