The Sciatic Nerve: tips for grounding your body through earthing
18 november 2023 

The Sciatic Nerve: tips for grounding your body through earthing

Modern life often finds us constantly on the go, rushing from one commitment to the next, and spending the majority of our days indoors. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we tend to neglect our physical well-being, feeling different kinds of pain in our bodies. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of Earthing and how it - coupled with yoga - can support your sciatic nerve health, reduce sciatic pain, and improve overall well being. 

Understanding the Sciatic Nerve: Its Role and FunctionUnderstanding the Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the human body, originating in the lower back and extending down through the buttocks and into the legs. Its primary function is to transmit signals between the brain and the lower body, controlling muscle movements and providing sensation in the legs. Sometimes, this nerve can cause pain, like a pinch or burn that runs all the way down your leg.

"The Sciatic Nerve is the largest peripheral nerve in the human body formed by the union of five nerve roots from the Sacral Plexus. It is 2cm in diameter and runs through the thigh and leg, down to the sole. The Sciatic Nerve functions as a root for the nervous system by grounding us to Planet Earth. Since there are two legs, two Sciatic Nerves are running through them. The Sciatic Nerve splits into two major branches in the knee area (tibial nerve and common peroneal nerve). As the Vagus Nerve is a physical representation of the Kundalini energy, the Sciatic Nerves are a biological equivalent of the legs' energy channels that connect us to the Earth Star via the Foot Chakras. Although the Ida and Pingala Nadis begin in Muladhara, their power source comes from the two energy currents in the legs, the negative and the positive. Ida is attributed to the left side of the body, and it gets its negative energy current from the left leg, while Pingala runs through the right side of the body, getting its positive energy current from the right leg. The two legs carry the feminine and masculine energies from the Earth Star into Muladhara, thereby supplying the entire Chakric system with these dual forces. As mentioned, the Earth Star operates as a battery for Muladhara—the energy channels in the legs serve as the negative and positive currents that transmit Earth energies from our Planet." - excerpt from "Serpent Rising: The Kundalini Compendium" by Neven Paar

Did you know? (boosted with ChatGPT)

  • Longest Nerve: The sciatic nerve can reach lengths of up to 18 inches (45 centimeters) in some individuals.
  • Two Sciatic Nerves: There are actually two sciatic nerves in the human body, one in each leg. Each is composed of multiple nerve roots.
  • Nerve CompressionSciatica is a condition characterized by the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, which can result in pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.
  • Common Causes: Sciatica is often caused by conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or even pregnancy. In some cases, it can also be triggered by muscle spasms or injury.

Also, there are other key parts named Ida, Pingala and Sushumna tied to the energy system. They act as energy channels inside us. Ida is on the left side of the spine and Pingala on the right.

Both meet at points called 'chakras'. Sushumna is in the middle where it meets Ida and Pingala at the base of the spine or tailbone area. This area lies close to sciatic nerve making it important for nerve health care.

In some holistic practices, there's a concept known as the Earth chakra, which is considered the energy center connecting you to the Earth. Meditating on or focusing on the Earth chakra can help improve sleep quality. You could even take a step further and stimulate this chakra while sleeping, improving the quality of your rest. 

I use the Earthing sleeping mat from Aardingwhich does wonders.  (Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding)

By grounding yourself through this energy center, you may experience better sleep patterns and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

Exploring Earthing: An Innovative Grounding Technique

earthing verkEarthing, also known as grounding, is a natural and innovative health practice that involves connecting your body to the Earth's surface. By walking barefoot on the ground, lying on the grass, or even using conductive systems, you allow the Earth's electrons to flow into your body, balancing your electrical state.

While it is true that the practice of earthing can also ease sciatic nerve pain, which is difficult to fix in other ways, there is only little evidence on this topic. If you encounter severe sciatic nerve pain, I warmly recommend you contacting a specialist. 

We have evolved for millions of years in direct bioelectrical contact with the Earth .

Mainly by living with our bare feet on the earth , and also sleeping.

Through this contact we receive essential  earth electrons or ions  (-) in our body that  directly and measurably neutralize our body tension  (+)   and perfectly support our health. This energy is nothing less than  solar energy  (electrons) that continuously   reaches the earth from the ionosphere via 50 lightning strikes per second worldwide. The soles of our feet are therefore the  entrance gates  of the earth's antioxidant (derusting) & relaxing  electrical effect on our metabolism. You can easily check with the  body voltmeter : when you touch a properly grounded earthing product (usually connected via a grounded socket that is directly connected to the earth), your body voltage immediately drops towards  zero Volt, the earth voltage . This not only relaxes your  own stress  , but all  electrosmog  around you is also immediately neutralized. Due to the  discharging effect  of the earth  via the meridians and the nerve pathways  from your feet, all your organs and tissues are naturally served by this relaxing energy.

Here is a real experiment of how this works. 

When you ground yourself, the (electrical) relaxing effect immediately gives the cell wall of your blood cells a smoother surface tension .

Your blood cells no longer stick together, which means the blood flows better and your blood pressure drops . This is called the Rouleaux effect (Google this).

This significantly reduces the risk of heart and cerebral infarctions and your organs and glands receive better blood flow, they receive a better supply of oxygen, nutrients, supplements and medication , and can therefore do their work for you better. 

There are some things to consider. Dirt may have bad germs that make us sick if they get into open wounds on our skin from cuts or scrapes while doing earthing exercises outside.

Also keep in mind that walking or sitting directly on rocks might hurt your hands or feet if they're not used to it yet.

So next time when you step outside, take off your shoes and try touching the grass with your bare feet - let mother nature heal you naturally.

Earthing and Yoga for the sciatic nerve

Earthing and yoga are great ways to soothe the sciatic nerve

When yoga is integrated with earthing, it can be a powerful tool for managing sciatic nerve pain. Here's how these two practices can work in synergy:

a. Yoga for sciatic nerve relief: Certain yoga poses can help alleviate sciatic pain by stretching and strengthening the muscles around the sciatic nerve. These exercises improve flexibility and circulation, reducing pressure on the nerve.You can try out one of the online yoga trainings offered by The Kundalini Yoga Club.  

6 exercises for sciatic nerve pain

Stretch #1: Forward Pigeon Pose.Forward Pigeon Pose

Stretch #2: Sitting Pigeon Pose.Sitting Pigeon Pose

Stretch #3: Reclining Pigeon Pose.Reclining Pigeon Pose.

Stretch #4: Standing Hamstring Stretch.Standing Hamstring Stretch.

Stretch #5: Knee to Opposite Shoulder.Knee to Opposite Shoulder

Stretch #6: Sitting Spinal Stretch.Sitting Spinal Stretch

However, if you suffer from chronic sciatica, it is recommended to contact a doctor for specific exercises and/or yoga poses. 

b. Earthing during yoga: Practicing yoga outdoors, directly on the ground, can enhance the benefits. It allows you to simultaneously connect with the Earth's energy and experience the positive effects of yoga. If it is not possible to always practice outside, you could always try an Earthing yoga mat from  (Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding)

While there is limited scientific research on the direct effects of grounding on the sciatic nerve, there are several potential benefits of grounding that could indirectly contribute to nerve health and overall well-being:

  • Pain Reduction: Grounding has been associated with pain reduction and improved sleep. For individuals suffering from sciatic pain, grounding might help alleviate some of the discomfort and promote better sleep, allowing the body to heal more effectively.
  • Inflammation Reduction: Grounding is believed to help reduce inflammation in the body. Sciatic pain can often be linked to inflammation and pressure on the nerve. By reducing inflammation, grounding may provide relief to those with sciatica.
  • Stress Reduction: Grounding has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Chronic stress can exacerbate pain conditions, including sciatica. Practicing grounding techniques may help manage stress and indirectly contribute to sciatic nerve health.
  • Improved Circulation: Some proponents of grounding suggest that it can improve blood flow and circulation. This might benefit the sciatic nerve by ensuring a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas.

Tips for Grounding Your Body: Benefits for the Sciatic Nerve

Grounding your body through earthing can provide great aid to the sciatic nerve. Here are some tips on how you can do it:

  1. Spend time outside barefoot: Walking or sitting on grass, sand, dirt, or rock can reduce chronic pain and fatigue.
  2. Touch the earth with your hands: This contact is part of grounding and can help ease pain levels.
  3. Try yoga for grounding: Kundalini yoga focuses on the flow between Ida, Pingala and Sushunma - important channels for energy in our bodies.
  4. Activate the earth chakra: It can improve sleep quality.
  5. Try grounding products from At night you can efficiently ground yourself on a grounding (covered) sheet  or grounding sleeping mat for 1/3 of the day, when your body is healing and recovering. During the day you can ground yourself further by sitting on a small grounding blanket and with your wrists (on the PC under the keyboard) or feet on a grounding mat  Use discount code AFKUN9 for 9 % discount on Aarding for your Earthing mat.
  6. Aim for direct contact with the earth: The more skin in contact with the ground, the better.

Embracing Earthing for Sciatic Nerve Health

Understanding the role of the sciatic nerve and its potential sources of discomfort provides us with valuable insights into its care. The Earth chakra and the practice of Earthing offer intriguing ways to enhance sleep quality and alleviate pain by reconnecting with the Earth's energy.

Incorporating Earthing into your daily routine is a simple and effective way to support your sciatic nerve and overall healthI invite you to talk about your connection with earth in our Huddle channel. Share it with our community and inspire others.

Whether you choose to walk barefoot on natural surfaces, touch the Earth with your hands, or embrace grounding yoga practices, the benefits of these connections with the Earth can lead to better sleep, less pain, and a more balanced, energetic life. Make it a habit, aim for direct contact with the Earth, and take a step towards improved well-being through the wonderful synergy of Earthing and yoga.


1. What is Earthing?

Earthing is a yoga activity where you connect your body to the Earth's chakra.

2. How does earthing help the sciatic nerve?

Through yoga, mainly kundalini yoga, earthing can calm the sciatic nerve and make you feel grounded.

3. Can I do earthing at home?

Yes, you can perform earthing at home or any place where you can lie or walk barefoot on the ground safely.

4. Is there a link between kundalini yoga and the sciatic nerve?

Yes, by focusing on grounding exercises during kundalini yoga sessions can have positive effects on your sciatic nerve.

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